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Monday, March 20, 2006



It rained all day Sunday. Finally stopped as I arrived at my friend Alissa'a home about 6:00pm.
ALISSA (aka "Wiskers", aka "Trinity")

Me and Alissa at sunset at Makena Surf.

I met Alissa right after I started driving cab. She is from the "Twin Cities" area of Minnesota. Her family owns a condo at the Makena Surf, which is about two miles south of Wailea. All the above pics were taken from their lanai. Wouldn't you like to have a view like that?

She was a typical 16 year old teenage girl. Telling mom and dad that she and her girlfriend, Chrissie, were going to the spa at one of the hotels and, as soon as dad had dropped them off, the two of them would go "boy hunting."

I picked her and Chrissie up from a private residence in Kihei, where a party was going on, early one morning in March, 2002, to take them back to Makena. They were both intoxicated.

Our personalities immediately "clicked."

I was worried about their welfare and knew that this would probably not be my last contact with them. I gave both of them my business card (and my personal cell phone #) and told them to call me everytime they went "partying" and I would make sure they got home safely.

As their "spring break" wore on, they would always call me and tell me where they were at through the night so I would have a reasonable idea of where to search for them if they called for help. We "bonded."

Over the years we developed a friendship that extended beyond the generation gap. I became friends with Alissa'a mom and dad (Susan & Ron) and her sister and brother-in-law ("Princess Leah" and Pete). Also kept in touch with Chrissie, who is now in her senior year at Princeton University. I've met and really like Alissa's boyfriend, Joey.

Five years have passed and she is now 21 and has grown from teenage "cute" into a strikingly beautiful woman.

Blonde, beautiful and "brainy", the perfect combination. It runs in the family, her mom and sister are also "B-B-B."

When she decides to wed, the ceremony will be held on that beach in the background. Perfect!

Love you, sweetheart.
(she reads this blog daily)

The upper-level low west of the islands has finally moved on, bringing back our beautiful blue skies. Compared to the northern part of the state, we got off easy. Only two days of rain.

In a couple of days the "brown water" (runoff from the land into the ocean) will be gone from the shores and it will be safe to swim again.

Tiger sharks like to feed at night and also in "brown water." They'll come right up to the waters edge. We had an attack earlier this month and the girl was standing in the surf, just over ankle deep, when she was bitten.

I made a deal with Poseidon years ago. If he kept the sharks off the land, I would keep my "Moby Dick" body out of the ocean.

My friend Van, the owner of Mau'i Action Photos (see "LINKS" at right), sent me some recent shots and I thought you might enjoy a few of them.

That's a humpback whale. They winter here every year to calve and breed.


"Let's all be careful out there!"