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Friday, May 25, 2007



The middle of Tuesday night, I was cruising the "Triangle", following a group of cars in the rear parking lot. Couldn't figure out why we going so slow. The problem became apparent as I moved forward. The rear lot is divided into two main aisles, one northbound and one southbound. The space markings are the angle-in (diagonal) type and line both sides of the aisle. Two very long bed pickup trucks had parked directly across the aisle from each other. I couldn't reverse, there was a very long line of cars behind me. I figured I had about 1/2 inch clearance on each side. Almost cleared this vise when I thought I felt a very gentle "tap" at the right rear. Drove over to the bus stop, at FoodLand, and checked the vehicle. Couldn't see any problem. Must have been just a case of overactive nerves.

It wasn't.

The owner left a v-mail, yesterday morning, curious if I had any knowledge of a scrape that was reported on ONE-NINE. He didn't know which part of the vehicle was damaged. At first, I couldn't think of anything that happened on Wednesday night that might have even come close. Then Tuesday night's "squeeze play" neuron fired in my brain. I told the owner that I may be the one responsible and I would check it out as soon as I got to ONE-NINE. The type of markings would clearly indicate whether it was mine or not. I also told him I would take a picture and e-mail it to him.

What hadn't been visible under the amber colored lighting at FoodLand was clearly visible, even in muted natural light. The only thing it could be was that "tap" I had felt.

Gave the owner a call and told him that I was responsible. He sounded kind of shocked. Not mad. Not bewildered. Just SHOCKED.

Face it, the only thing a person really is in control of is their honesty and lying is just wrong. Plain and simple.

Must be why I became a cop.

I was the tortoise, when the starting gun went off, in last nights race against the hare.

Took 1h 20m before I got a fare. It was a decent one, too. But it was another 1-1/2 hours before my second one and the third was an hour after that. Then things REALLY slowed down. Sat until 12:30a, when the tidal wave of calls washed over the three of us left. Well, actually only two, since TMR was making a pick-up in Pa'ia, across the island. Four satisfactory trips over the next 90 minutes. "Dog Watch" gave me three more, including a Wailea-OGG to cap off the night. Ended up with a very acceptable "meter".

My day begins when the sun sets
~Maui Meadows ~
~ Wailea Lookout ~
And ends when it is reborn.
~ Mt. Haleakala ~
Took a 1 minute video of the sunset for y'all. The background sounds are vehicles passing behind me.

Sorry this is late today. Didn't get home until 6a.

Thanks for visiting.

Talk to y'all tomorrow




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"Let's all be careful out there!"