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Friday, May 19, 2006




Nothing but empty fields for 300 yards in any direction. It looks to be in good condition.

I already have a vacuum, so I left it for someone who hopefully needs one.


Jack is one of the first persons I met when I moved here. He is from Boston but has lived here for nearly 15 years. We've worked together in two different jobs and shared a house for 5-1/2 years. Even though we seldom agree on anything, I like him and he is one of the most honest, caring and trustworthy persons I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.


I picked up cab #7 in north Kihei and was assigned as the #1 cab in town. And that is where I stayed all night. Until the end of my shift, I never made a pick-up or drop off in Wailea. Every run was in Kihei Town. I think thats a first for me.

5 cabs were on and the runs for each of us was just enough to prevent absolute boredom.

TMR (The Mad Russian) Alex was tonight's driver/dispatcher. He's from the Ukraine and used to drive cab in Minneapolis, MN.

There was not one notable incident or drunk. A very mellow night.

I had a "special" from the Mau'i Coast to OGG at 5:20am. So I switched to cab #11 about 4:00am, since my relief, Brian M., drives #7 in the day.

Made a "regular" pupu run and then waited for Brian M., to hand over the phone and the one reservation that I had for the dayshift. Then Steve V., The Grand's night valet, called wanting to know where the cab was to take 4 people to the Lahaina Harbor. That was news to me and I diverted Brian to cover it. Since Lahaina is out of our radio repeater's coverage, it made no sense to give him the phone. I would just pass it along to whoever checked in next. Since my "special" was just over a half-hour away I decide to stay in town. Thn Steve V. called back again.

"I am sorry Wil, but that 4-pax just became a 6-pax. Do you have a van available yet? Oh, and the last two people haven't shown up yet and may not. So it could still be just a 4-pax."

I started towards Wailea.

#7 is a Lincoln "Towncar" and can only legally seat 4 passengers (4-pax). #11 is a small Chevy minivan and can legally transport 6 passengers (6-pax).

"7 come 11", it was now a roll of the dice. The winner was going to Lahaina and the loser was going to the airport. Not bad! The difference in $-fare-$ is just over 100%.

I was the winner!

And my meter almost doubled for the shift!

Oops. I just remembered something I forgot. BRB


Thanks for waiting.

Had to call the boss about those people's 12 noon return reservation. This blog just saved me some serious verbal asswhipping.

Here is a selection of pics I took, just before sunrise, on my return. I will post more in the next day or so.

Lahaina Harborlight

There go my people.
Off to catch a marlin or an ahi or maybe even the rare ono.

The harbor basin.

The island of Lana'i, about 9 miles away.

Front Street

The reverse view.
Front Street

More Front Street

From a beach just south of Lahaina
Red Hill (Makena) on the left
Kaho'o'lawe on the right
And the islet, Molokini, just barely visible between them

Some nice, gentle "rollers" along the shore


Installed the heater bypass in ONE-NINE this morning, with only one SNAFU.

Here I am, in cab #11, waiting for NAPA Auto Parts to open. So I can exchange the "kit". I needed the next smaller size.

I do qualify as a "shade tree" mechanic. Which puts me at least two notches above our contract mechanic.


"Let's all be careful out there!"