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Wednesday, June 21, 2006



It all depends on which side of the equator you live on.

Oh, it arrived at 0026 hours, UTC.


Okay, the rumor was true.

Which shows why I never wager on anything.

THE Oprah is on Mau'i.

Harpo Productions is occupying 80% of the rooms at The Grand. Oprah herself is not staying at the hotel. She owns property on the east side of the island (Huelo) and has a home in Wailea. This is not a conference or a training session. These people are on VACATION (HOLIDAY) to the fullest extent of the word. The parking structure is virtually empty since these folks are from Chicago and take taxis everywhere. Most are contented to stay on campus but enough want to "do things" that we are staying active.

My last run of the shift was a mother and teenage son going to KBR (Kihei Boat Ramp).

Only the son was going to Molokini but mom had to accompany him to sign the necessary release forms. A nice roundtrip. She has been with Oprah since 1989 and is an independent contractor in their "tech" department.

I am not positive but I think she designs the sets for both the syndicated show and the Oxygen Network

Apparently Oprah is busy during the day but always shows for the group dinner. And she is footing the bill for everything.

That truly is a "Paid Vacation".


For the first time in almost 6 months I finally got a run from The Grand to The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. A distance of 33.75 miles (54.32 km), 56 minutes one way, and $116.00 on the meter. Two "30-something" Japanese gentlemen.

Both fell asleep before I was out of Kihei.

They tipped nicely too.

Grabbed a Micki D's "choke and puke" burger for dinner on the way back.

FYI - Save your money and don't order their MEGA-MAC. You don't get that much more to justify the added cost.

Finished the shift well above $200 on the meter and did that on just 11 runs.


For most of the english speaking world, a "biscuit" is what Americans would call a cookie. But in the States it is a soft, layered, fluffy roll. You either fill it with butter and jelly/jam/preserves or smother it in white gravy (usually pork sausage based).

I like to wrap them, before baking, around a small frankfurter for "Pigs In A Blanket".

I have no idea what it is called in the rest of the world.


As far as I know, Mau'i County is the only jurisdiction in the entire United States that requires mandatory identification, regardless of age, to purchase alcoholic beverages. Whether by the package, in stores, or by the drink, in bars. And the ID must be a current, valid, government issued document. 21 to 101+, no ID, no booze.


"Let's all be careful out there!"