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Monday, May 01, 2006



Virgin Radio

London Cabby has mentioned Virgin Radio a few times in his blog. I guess they use station "names" in the UK rather than "call letters" as we do in the States

I checked and found that they provide a free internet "feed" of their station for the rest of the world.

The thing that caught my attention was the almost complete absence of an "English accent" among the disc-jockeys. They could easily have been from the US. Most had the "American Broadcast Standard" accent. The few with a notable trace of English vowel pronunciation sounded like Roger Moore (the second "James Bond").

I have throughly enjoyed it. Saved to "favorites" and added a link to the blogroll.


"Let's all be careful out there!"



Many decades ago Bill Azeka opened a grocery store where the paved road ended in Kihei. His store became world famous for his trademarked BBQ ribs.

What was the "end of the road" is now the center of Kihei and his grocery store, now an ACE Hardware outlet, has grown into a major shopping center, Azeka Place. The older section is now called Azeka Makai (towards the ocean). The newer section, on the east side of Kihei road, is Azeka Mauka (towards the mountain).

Here are a few of the stores:

Snorkel Bob's

Snorkel gear and excursions.

Who Cut The Cheese?
Gourmet cheese store.

Another Tattoo Parlor

Hula Hogs

Want to rent a Harley?

Hana Fuda

A "local grindz, ono-licious" takeout restaurant.

Peggy Sue's

Think "Arnold's", from the old TV show "Happy Days", and you've got it.

They also sponsor a "cruise" and classic car show the first Saturday of each month.

Panda Express

Somehow the concept of "gourmet" chinese "takeout" seems oxymoronic.

The Last Resort

Many years ago this would have been classified as a "rummage shop" or "second-hand store". Today, the business of previously owned furniture and clothing is upscale and main stream.

Shabu Shabu Toji

Very popular with our visitors from Japan.

Cirelli's MotorCycle Cafe

This has been closed for over a year. No business has succeeded in this location. It was originally an IHOP (International House Of Pancakes), then it was the gay bar Jabba's and finally the Motorcycle Cafe.

The location has plenty of free parking, a good "sight line" to Kihei road and plenty of foot traffic. Maybe someone will discover the "magic touch" to make this a viable location. Any ideas?


"May Day" in Hawai'i is called "Lei Day" and is an un-official state holiday.

Statues, cars, businesses, and people are covered in leis. Very colorful and very beautiful.


On the first business day of each month, the tsunami warning sirens are tested in Hawai'i, just before noon. The test is conducted by the Hawai'i State Departmentment of Defense in conjunction with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Sirens wail and all radio, television and catv systems interrupt their programming for the test, just as they would do in the event of a real emergency.

While earthquake generated tsunamis will generally have a maximum height of 30 feet (10 meters), those caused by massive submerged landslides can create a wave over 1,000 feet high (305 meters).

These landslides happen in Hawai'i approximately every 100,000 years. We even know where (but not WHEN) the next one will occur, on the "Big Island". There is no way to prevent it from happening.

Mau'i will have less than 10 minutes warning. Just enough time to bend over and kiss your ekole good-bye.

Only those people on the upper slopes of Mt. Haleakala (Mau'i) and Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa ("Big Island") will survive. The rest of the state will cease to exist. Millions of bodies floating in the Pacific Ocean. All infrastructure will be obliterated, including airports, harbors, and military bases. The survivors will have no food, no water and limited shelter.

That tsunami will also wipeout all Pacific Rim communities. Los Angeles will see a minimum 500 foot (150 meter) wave as would San Francisco. The wave will be as tall as the towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sydney will have a wave in the 400 foot (122 meters) range as will Tokyo.

Basically, the entire Pacific Basin will cease to be and the death toll will be in the high hundred millions, at least.

London will watch a 50+ foot (15 meter) wave coming up the Thames River.

NYC, the Caribbean and the Straits of Gibraltar will experience a 100 foot (30.5 meter) wave.

When it happens, I bet there will be 1,000's of surfers deliberately taking the wildest, and last, ride of their lifes.

Sleep well. ;)


"Let's all be careful out there!"