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Sunday, January 20, 2008



Spotted this the other night. The specialty rental companies used to offer these but I haven't seen any for years. This is from the apartment complex across from Safeway. A once popular electric car.

Rear View:
Control Center:
Sat for two hours before my first fare, an OGG out of Wailea. By midnight there was less than $70 on the meter and 3 fares on my "trip sheet". 5 hours of pure boredom.

The beginning of the new day improved my fortune. 8 fares and almost an additional $100. The vast majority of that during the dog-watch (2a-5a).

Except for the OGG and one bar-close fare, all my passengers were residents. What does that tell you about our current state of tourism? Geez, it was Saturday Night, for crying out loud.

Life's A Beach (LAB) called for a pick-up about a quarter to 1. The caller said the gentleman wanted a taxi but didn't speak English. The ball was now in my court. Pull to a parking space in the FoodLand lot, as close to LAB as I could get. Legally, there is NO Parking-Stopping-Standing allowed at the curb next to LAB and the Police seldom enforce the issue. But it is also a dangerous place to be as bar close approaches. DUIs speed around the corner of the intersection, oblivious. After a short wait a little latin gentleman approached me. He spoke no English and the last Spanish lesson I took was way back in 1966. Some how, I finally recognized enough words, combined with expansive gestures, to understand that he wanted to know how late we worked. Luckily I can still count up to 29 in Spanish and know the words for "day" and "hour". So I said "24/7" and he actually understood me. He came directly to me an hour later and I drove him the 6/10th of a mile to his condo. $5. WOW! But he did give a 20% tip.

11 fares / 108 miles / 3rd quarter $100 bracket

Suzanne Pleshette passed away last week. So did Allan Melvin.

My earliest memories of television include him.

She was 11 years older than me but when I was in my 30's I thought she was one of the sexist women on the face of the planet. When her husband, Tom Poston, died last April I didn't even know they had married.

The Ol' E-Mail Bag is loaded this week. I'll share it over the next 2 days. Also, I'll get back to the REAL ID, which was postponed due to technical difficulties.

Have a fantastic day.





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