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Saturday, November 25, 2006



4 night cabs and 1 "day" holdover. And I still had to turn down runs. 8 unscheduled trips to the airport (OGG) and a massive amount of dinner runs. Nobody wanted turkey leftovers. We stayed very busy until about 11:00pm and then, as usual, it died off. Bar close was easily handled and my solo hours were profitable. Everybody was well behaved and none were overly intoxicated. How rare is that?

Terry (#21) checked in shortly after 4:00am. I blessed him and his grandchildren's grandchildren. Home before 5:00am.

My digital camera is a Sony Cyber-Shot. Every so often the miniscule viewer refuses to work properly. Reverted back to the early days of television and gave it a finger thump along the bottom of the case. It hasn't failed to work yet. Then yesterday I read this on Google News. Hmmm. Problems in "warm and humid climates". Now to find out what I have to do to get mine repaired or replaced.

Today's PICTURE GALLERY, as well as Sunday's and Monday's, will be random shots depicting the drive all the way around the south side of Mau'i. They are in no particular order and bounce from one road to another. These aren't images of driveways, this is the actual road that must be driven. If you go past Lindburgh's grave site in your rental car you are in violation of your signed rental agreement. This trip is not possible today, since the road is closed due to rock slide and bridge damage from last month's earthquake.



"Let's all be careful out there!"