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Saturday, October 06, 2007



4 good nights in a row!

I sit here stunned and have my (fill in the blank) crossed that tonight will give me "four-of-a-kind" or at least a "full-house". But I have learned not to hold my breath. This business has too many variables to predict anything except seasonal trends and even those have broad parameters.

A lot of nice people in the cab last night. A Friday night without one bad passenger. Thats rare. I have been very lucky this entire week (knock on wood).

It was Friday so it was my "phone" night. The only obnoxious call was out of Moose. Moose closes at midnight and I received a request for a cab for 2 going to the "Triangle", just over 1 mile north. Send TMR (#27). No one ever showed up. A "10-13". About 12:30a the security guard at Kihei Kai Nani, next door to Moose calls for 2 people going to the "Triangle". Again, it was TMR who responded with the exact same results. He contacted the guard who said the people wandered off after he called. I had heard the male's voice in the background when I spoke with the guard. 15 minutes later, the guy calls directly. I declined the call, I wasn't sending any cab back for a 3rd try. 5 minutes later the distaff side of the pair called. Again I declined. This couple are regulars and tend to be very lax at meeting a cab in a timely manner. We were too busy to play their game or accommodate their whims. He called back in less than 2 minutes and began cussing me out.
Only left town once last night. One of my 6 dog-watch fares took me to the "baseyard" which is 2/3rds of the way to Kahului. Any change of scenery, however minimal, is always appreciated.

19 fares / 135 miles / 3rd quarter $200 bracket

I woke up exhausted yesterday. Actually slept until 4:30p. A couple of other drivers mentioned that they had slept later than normal also. Must be the weather or something. Not that I can see any noticeable difference.

Anyway. A quick sandwich and off to bed.

Stop by tomorrow if you can.




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