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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Towards Haleakala:
Didn't leave town, again, last night but I stayed relatively active for the first 4 hours. Occupied with various dinner (to/from) and bar rush fares. 1 bar close and 3 dog-watch runs closed out the shift.

Only had 1 day holdover when I started but there were 6 cabs assigned to the night shift. We need 6 night cabs on Friday and Saturday but not Tuesday night. 4 would suffice, easily.

I could have held over for a 4:45a 10-pax (2 cabs) to OGG from the Fours Seasons but I am exhausted and it would have been light out on the return. I need to be back in my coffin before the sun tops the mountain. Turned the shift over shortly past 4a. A second car was getting ready to start his day and a third day cab would be checking in within 15 minutes.

As the coaster says:
These are the coasters I picked up from Outback Steak House on Monday.

Had one fare (3-pax) last night that was the epitome of snobbery.

They disliked the 5-star restaurant I had picked them up from. But had stayed and finished the meal. They thought that Mama's was the worst sea food they had ever eaten. Detested the food in a hotel's major "name" restaurant, where they had spent $900 for 4 people. The only way that 4 people could run up a $900 tab is not from the food portion of the bill but by the amount of alcohol they consumed before, with and after their meal. Wine is meant to enhance a meal's flavors not overwhelm them. Also, more than 1 cocktail before the meal just kills your taste buds before you have even started. Save your money and just get drunk and then go to some greasy spoon. You'll save a lot of money and your taste buds, and innards, won't notice the difference.

A lush is always a lush. A snobbish lush is just an irritating boar.

11 fares / 100 miles / 3rd quater $100 bracket

Enjoy your day! Stop by tomorrow and I'll give you an update on Hurricane Tropical Storm Tropical Depression COSME




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