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Sunday, May 14, 2006



On my prior shift, at about 3:30am, I began to notice that I was having some condensation on the interior of the right side of the windshield (windscreen). I could also smell, faintly, the odor of engine coolant. Notified one of the day drivers about it.

When Art, the owner, transferred the phone to me at 7:00pm, I discussed the problem with him and we agreed to take "ONE-NINE" to the car doctor on Monday.

There were 9 cabs in the queue at The Grand and I slowly worked my way to the first position. Finally received a call to transport two people from the Mau'i Prince, in Makena to the Mau'i Banyans, in Kihei. A pretty decent run.

Made the pick-up and had just entered Wailea when a loud "POP/BANG" occurred under the rightside dashboard. The interior of "ONE-NINE" immediately filled with steam and the overwhelming odor of engine coolant. The heater core had ruptured!

I immediately called for another cab to meet me at Tsunami's entrance, lowered all four windows and nursed "ONE-NINE" that last 1/4 mile.

Tina, cab #11, picked up my passengers. I told them they would only have to pay for the ride from Tsunami's, the trip from the Prince was free.

Had lengthy radio traffic with Art and he is now going to have "ONE-NINE" towed to the mechanic in Kahului on Monday. Gave the phone to cab #17, Jim G., and called it a night.

Two hours, 1/2 of a run, and absolutely no income. FECES OCCURS.

It will be interesting to see if "ONE-NINE" is ready when I come back on Tuesday evening. Replacing a heater core entails the removal of the entire dashboard just to gain access. Art tends to be a might frugal and our current mechanic is striving to achieve the "shade tree" level of competence.


0 - 6 runs = "dead"

7 - 12 runs = "slow"

13 - 17 runs = "low-normal"

18 - 24 runs = "high-normal"

25 - 36 runs = "busy"

37 and more = "Holy Shit!"

My typical night is generally in the mid 13 - 24 range.

Sorry, no pics tonight. Duh!


"Let's all be careful out there!"