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Friday, March 10, 2006


Pretty average night but the best part was that two drivers came in early at 5:00am and I was able to get off early. :)

Sorry, nothing of interest to take a pic of.


Around 1:00am I was dispatched down to Mulligans, 4 miles away, to take two people to the Kea Lani, a total distance of 4/10ths of a mile. The walkway down the hill from Mulligans to their parking lot is a wide (easily handles 3 abreast), gentle stairway with rails on both sides. These two guys come down, bouncing off one rail and then the next. Thank God they weren't driving!

They had a running conversation the entire distance, none of which could be called intelligible, though they seemed to understand each other. They were speaking in American, drunk American.

Got to the Kea Lani and drunk #1 hands me a twenty and says "make sure my buddy gets to the Four Seasons okay."


Get the second drunk to the Four Seasons, total fare = $6.20, and he looks at the meter and hands me a ten.

"The other gentleman already paid the fare, sir."

"Naw, he just paid for his ride. This is for my ride."


$30 on a $6.20 run. Like I've said before, "pupu runs" are usually very profitable in Wailea.


As a cop I developed a working theory about drunks and being a cabbie has only reenforced it.

The average IQ for a human is 100. The consumption of alcohol reduces that number by 10 points per drink.

In both occupations, I always seem to have contact with them when they've reached some point below 60. "Blithering idiot" status.



"Let's all be careful out there!"