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Saturday, September 29, 2007



It was bitterly slow last night. I didn't break $100 on the meter until 2a. We only had Maui Jim holding over. Making a total 0f 5 cabs on the road. And we mostly sat until after 10p. No dinner runs, no OGGs. The largest fare of my night was $12.80 and the smallest $5.00. The others did a lot better. The phone would ring and I'd be "first-up". Some $6 fare. Announce my dispatch and, 30-seconds later, the next call would be for a Wailea to far north Kihei ($30) or a roundtrip from Wailea to Safeway ($50 or more). I though I had it made though just before 2a. A request for a Wailea to Lahaina ($85, minimum). By that time there were only TMR (#27) enroute to a "special", Terry (#07) on a Wailea/far north Kihei and ONE-NINE just sitting idle in central Kihei. By procedure I was the only cab available and started to Wailea. I was going to Lahaina!!
#07's run had changed their mind and returned to their resort. He cleared in Wailea before I crossed the demarcation line between Wailea/Kihei. That made him "first-up" in Wailea and the call automatically became his. I was just 45-seconds from crossing the line. To add insult to injury, it wasn't going to Lahaina but Napili ($120, easily) at the far northwest corner of Mau'i. About 40 miles away. Graves added 4 to the final total. Sad. Very sad.

14 fares / 89 miles / 1st quarter $100 bracket

The Four Seasons has done a major refurbishing of their entry.
These 2 sculptures border the foyer.
In profile they are shaped like a human head.
I didn't get a chance to go further inside but could see some very drastic changes. And it all looked GOOD. It added grandeur. I've shown images of their entry before and it just looked "BLAH". Not ugly by any means but not stimulating to the senses and emotions of visiting Mau'i. It didn't feel "special". Now it does.

Kudos to the Four Seasons

I will cover the rent tonight and pay it a day early. I can hardly wait for Halloween night and the money I will make working Front Street in Lahaina. That will give me a "cushion".

One more road night to go. Have a wonderful weekend and drop by tomorrow, if you can.





"Let's all be careful out there!"