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Friday, March 31, 2006



The night started off fast.

As soon as I logged on, I was given a dispatch for a run to the Seawatch.

When I cleared that I was dispatched to an address in Mau'i Meadows, a Kihei subdivision that borders the northeast edge of Wailea. The guy gets in my cab.

"Aloha. Where are we headed tonight?"

"The store."

"Which store sir?"

"The shops."

"The 'Shops at Wailea?'"


[radio traffic]"One-nine picked up, XXXXX to the "Shops.' Roundtrip."[/radio traffic]

"I am NOT going to the 'Shops!'"

"Then where are we headed sir?"

"Just shut up and drive. I'll tell you where to turn and when to stop."

I slammed on the brakes, after traveling about 100 yards, and immediately did a "Y"-turn.

"Sir, this ride has just ended. No one talks to me in that manner and that tone of voice. EVER. I am taking you back to your house. You don't owe me a penny."

"What the fuck?"

"No 'what the anything' sir. I am not your peon and you sure as hell ain't my master. You'll have to find another means of transportation."

"What if I said 'I'm sorry'? I need to get to an ATM machine."

"Thanks your problem, sir, not mine. Now GET OUT!"

He called "dispatch" and complained and was told by Alex, "Wil's the hardest driver in the fleet to piss off. Somehow you did it and, no, I won't send another cab. You'll need to find another way to get to an ATM machine."

Now I was irked. While all this was going on, all the other cabs were picking up to OGG [sound of grinding teeth].

Staged up 1st, and only car, in the queue.



Then my right rear door opened and a guy stuck his head in and asked for a ride to The Four Seasons, next door.

As I am turning into the driveway at The Four Seasons I notice a nice looking couple standing on the curb, with luggage. Thats strange. After dropping my fare, and reaching the street again, the lady "flagged" me down.

"Can you take us to the airport please?"
***Instant endorphine rush!***
"Uh, sure. Hop in."

That was followed by another OGG run when I returned to Kihei.

Things were definately improving!

We kept busy until 10:00pm and then it "died."

Eeked out a few pupu runs until bar close.

But the "cherry on the cake" was getting a 5:00am run from the Kihei-Wailea border to Ka'anapali (kah-ah-nah-pah-lee). Fare=$92.00. (Tip=$3.00. Oh, well.)

Went home very happy. Very tired but very happy. I could now make a "lay-away" payment on that pack of chewing gum I've wanted for so long. ;)

Since my "idiot light" was on, in my personal car, I threw $20 into the tank on the way home. Didn't buy much.


I haven't seen one of these in years. A "barber's pole." It was the rotating type and the colors didn't capture well. Sorry. Its on a shop in the "Triangle."


This is what the "Triangle" and Life's A Beach look like in the pre-sunrise daylight.

This is what the back lot at the "Triangle" looked like 24 hours after the flooding. Where those puddles are is where the water was over 4 feet deep.

This is the walkway from Lulu's to the Tiki Lounge, in the "Triangle."

See how hard it is to hold a camera steady for a 2-second exposure.

This is my friend, Bill, from MPD. He reminds me a lot of myself at that age. A true professional and a nice guy.


On my way back from Ka'anapali, I stopped by the harbor in Lahaina (lah-high-nah) and got a couple of shots. It was still dark, sorry.


This is a spot on the pali, on SR30, between Lahaina and Ma'alaea.

There really wasn't a view of anything but clouds, clouds and more clouds.
If you look closely at the plaque above you'll notice a diagram, at the bottom, of what people can seen on a clear day. The same plaque is shown below, without use of the flash. On the actual horizon, above the plaque, you can see the island of Mau'i (the Makena area), the island of Kaho'olawe (kah-hoe-oh-lah-vay) and the very tip of Lana'i.
This plaque is actually more readable in this photo that it is in real life.


Looking east. The West Mau'i Mountains in the left background.

Mt. Haleakala across Ma'alaea Bay. Kihei runs along the far shoreline. Wailea is to the far right with Makena just out of view.

Looking southeast towards Haleakala.
Hundreds of people were there this morning to go whale watching, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

Thursday, March 30, 2006



Started raining again about noon yesterday and it was a heavy, steady downpour for the next 12 hours. Between 7:00pm and 9:00pm it was a windless monsoon.

South Kihei Road flooded in it's usual low spots. The pics below were taken from the FOODLAND parking lot, looking south. That's "LAB" ("Life's A Beach") on the corner of the "Triangle."

Move a half block to the east and this is the back parking lot, behind Kahale's, at the "Triangle."

These shots were taken around midnight, about 3 hours after the heavy rain.

During the peak of the flooding I watched some kid, riding a "boogie board", being pulled down S. Kihei Road by a 4x4, riding the bow wave.

LAB had to sandbag their main entrance after flood waters entered their bar. They never did close though. However, Neptune's and Kahale's were forced to close due to inundation. During the peak flooding, that back lot had over 2 feet of flowing water in it at it's highest point. Over 4 feet at it's lowest. In fact, the water escaping out of that lot onto the street looked like a spillway on a dam.

We had four major areas of flooding. In front of the "Triangle". A mile north from there, between Marco's restaurant and Chevron. A half mile north of that, by the Mau'i Sunset condos. And 2 miles further north, near the junction of the Mokulele Highway and S. Kihei Road. In all the locations the water was between 3 and 5 feet deep.

Also had a bunch of stranded motorists. These idiots seemed to think that they could "keep on truckin'" at 30mph through the flooded areas. Each one had their car's electrical system shorted out. The tow trucks stayed busy for hours.

It is possible to drive through this (sometimes there just isn't an option), but only at a 1-2mph crawl. Don't create a bow wave!!

By 3:00am all of the flooding had drained off.

It just keeps going up. I thought crude oil prices were dropping?


The "pineapple express" is now in effect.

Poor California, especially the Bay Area, is going to have one hell of a rough time.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

Wednesday, March 29, 2006



Well, it is not raining at the moment. But last night it started about 5:00pm and continued all night.

"BIG BLUE" shows that we are still tapped into the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). I'll be glad when this pattern is over. There is a good chance that this tropical flow could create another "pineapple express" to the west coast of the US. Something they really don't need.

Didn't work last night, hence no pics today.

All my old injuries were complaining too much. Even had to get my cane out to walk to my car at home. I seldom have to use it. No way was I capable of lifting 200 pound (90kg) bags of luggage into and out of the trunk.

As the old line goes:
"If I knew I was gonna live this long, I would've taken better care of myself." :)

See ya tomorrow. Aloha!



"Let's all be careful out there!"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Photo is from the Maui News.

They are rare but tornadoes, and waterspouts, do occur here.
You can read more here.
Brian L.



Harden J.

Harden made the worldwide tabloids this past Christmas when Paris Hilton peed in the back of his cab.

Jim G.

Joel B.


Mary M.

Susan H.


This is only part of the crew. Some just don't want their pics taken and the others I rarely have contact with.

The weather is starting to improve. Kind of a "milky" blue sky right now. The weather front that caused all the problems has moved north but there is still enough residual moisture in the atmosphere to cause some convectional heating thunderstorms. Hopefully by this weekend we'll be back to our normal tradewind weather that Mau'i is so famous for.

And the tourists will stop complaining to me about the weather. As if it is all my fault that their vacation was rained on.

At least they didn't have to shovel it.

"Spring Break" is a month long event. Different colleges and universities take their breaks at different times. Thus spreading out the tourist flow.

We typically get the "juniors" and "seniors" here, since the cost of transportation is so expensive. "Freshmen" and "sophomores" typically pile a whole passle of people into a few cars and head for Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Lake Mead, NV. or South Padre Island, TX.

Our "spring breakers" tend to be more relaxed and not the underage "binge drinkers" that the other locations get. Thank god.

Turns out that my family name has a "Coat-Of-Arms".

Not really important, just thought I would share it ;)

Start another work week at 7:00pm. Time to take a nap.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

Monday, March 27, 2006



Here's a shot of the Pacific showing the massive cloud cover over Hawai'i.

The image above is static.
The images below will change with time

(View of entire Pacific ocean. Updates hourly)

(View of North and South America & Atlantic Ocean. Updates hourly)


Steve is the senior valet at The Grand. He works the overnight shift by preference.

Dennis is the evening "Doorman" (the overall chief of the entry) at The Grand

Tammy is the evening valet supervisor at The Grand. She's just returned from maternity leave.

Tonya was Tammy's leave replacement. She still covers on Tuesday evenings.

Debbie is new to The Grand's valet team. She came over from the Kea Lani. She works in the evenings. She is very smart.




Jennifer, valet supervisor at the Kea Lani in the evenings.



"Let's all be careful out there!"

Sunday, March 26, 2006



First "day" driver checked in at 4:00am, second one at 4:30am, and the third at 4:40am. I was home by 5:00am. [big] :) [/big]

She, and family, return home to the "Twin Cities" today.

"Here are some parting shots:

Oh, the name is Alissa, not Alyssa. I've been making a "typo" on this all week.

BTW - I think Natalie is one of two "non-blondes" in Minnesota. ;)
Then again, I'm willing to bet that not all those blondes have matching carpets and drapes.

After Friday night's fiasco, tonight was enjoyable.

Every one of my drivers were able to make at least one airport run, which made them "happy campers."

It was never busy but it did stay steady. The balance between "calls" and cabs was perfect.

The weather has stayed crappy though. Lots of mild "thunderbumpers" and mediocre "lightshows." We've even had "tornado watches" and "warnings" this week.

There is a huge "Kona" low off to the west of the state and it is sucking up moisture from the equator, right over Hawai'i.

Other than getting wet, rain is usually not uncomfortable. The air is 75f/24c, the ocean is 75f/24c and the rain is 75f/24c.

Here is a shot of my cab's interior, from a passenger's "point-of-view".

Note that "Maggie" is in position.
I spend more time in the driver seat than I do in bed.


"Let's all be careful out there!"