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Sunday, March 26, 2006



First "day" driver checked in at 4:00am, second one at 4:30am, and the third at 4:40am. I was home by 5:00am. [big] :) [/big]

She, and family, return home to the "Twin Cities" today.

"Here are some parting shots:

Oh, the name is Alissa, not Alyssa. I've been making a "typo" on this all week.

BTW - I think Natalie is one of two "non-blondes" in Minnesota. ;)
Then again, I'm willing to bet that not all those blondes have matching carpets and drapes.

After Friday night's fiasco, tonight was enjoyable.

Every one of my drivers were able to make at least one airport run, which made them "happy campers."

It was never busy but it did stay steady. The balance between "calls" and cabs was perfect.

The weather has stayed crappy though. Lots of mild "thunderbumpers" and mediocre "lightshows." We've even had "tornado watches" and "warnings" this week.

There is a huge "Kona" low off to the west of the state and it is sucking up moisture from the equator, right over Hawai'i.

Other than getting wet, rain is usually not uncomfortable. The air is 75f/24c, the ocean is 75f/24c and the rain is 75f/24c.

Here is a shot of my cab's interior, from a passenger's "point-of-view".

Note that "Maggie" is in position.
I spend more time in the driver seat than I do in bed.


"Let's all be careful out there!"

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Dogbait said...

Rain - Please send some our way. I can't remember when it last rained here.

Car - Whoa, the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

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