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Sunday, May 07, 2006



Whenever there is a "drinking" holiday, the following day is always slow. Last night followed true to form.

That was a relief, since we were very short of cabs. Some of our drivers are off sick or on holiday and a couple of the vehicles are down for mechanical reasons. We only had three cabs on the road last night. Turned out that was the perfect ratio for the evening. The three of us stayed active the entire shift and riders never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a pickup.

After "bar close", I only had two runs during the graveyard hours. My relief came in at 4:30am and I was home by 5:00am, asleep by 6:00am, ending another week.


Brian is a drummer with one of our local bands and Laura is a professional local model. They are "regulars" with us.


Tsunami's was closed this weekend. The word from The Grand is that it will remain closed "until further notice".

That makes my job easier. They were only open on Friday and Saturday nights (my nights to dispatch) and our contract required that we have cabs available for them. Being forced to stage cabs there meant that I had to split the fleet between Wailea and Kihei. The drivers hated getting stuck at Tsunami's queue, since the money to be made was in Kihei.

In the original years of The Grand, Tsunami's was open 6 nights a week, until 4:00am. It closed in the late '90's and didn't re-open until late 2002. During that period it was a "private" club for resort guests only.


How do I get people to let me post their pics on the net?

I just ask.

I always include a mention about my blog when transporting people. Its a great talking point. Paradise Driver is also listed on my business card.

Not everyone wants their pic taken but quite a few don't mind. They are here to have fun and this is just another "lark", that is free. They can call their friends back home and have them come to this blog and see how much fun they're having. Plus, I e-mail the pic to them, if they have an addy.

This little gimmick is also financially rewarding. People are starting to call and ask for me to pick them up. They have read the blog and want to meet me. Kewl! Hopefully, this will become an increasing "profit point" for me.

So, if you want to add pics of passengers to your blog, "just ask". The worse that can happen is they'll say "no".


"Let's all be careful out there!"