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Friday, July 21, 2006



10 runs the entire shift, only 1 after 2:00am. Broke $100 dollars on the meter and drove 66 miles (106 km). Only 2 "10-13"s. Pretty slow but it beat Wednesday night. Thank goodness.

Thought there was going to be some trouble at the "Triangle". Saw every (6) car in the Kihei patrol area pull into and around the "Triangle" about 1:00am. Whatever was suppose to happen, didn't and they left by 1:30am. That was the extent of the excitement for the night. As usual, we had more than enough cabs for the shift, a lot of dayshift "holdovers", which diluted the money pool for everyone.

Rather than an exciting or interesting story, I hope you'll accept some more pretty picks instead.

Haleakala Crater
The crater is so large that you could place the entire island of Manhattan in it and still have a bit of room left over.

Honolulu, the Capitol of Hawai'i
The "Road To Hana"
Just 600+ hairpin turns and 60 some one lane bridges to get there, in about 50 miles and three hours. This is the good section of the road.

It doesn't get better
If you go past Hana, past O'heo Gulch (Seven Pools area), past Charles Lindberg's grave site. The road begins to deteriorate. Just past this the road becomes dirt and is poorly graded. Lots of washed out gullies and you are in violation of your rental car agreement. If you break down in that area, you have bought the vehicle. No towing service will venture out on that road. About once a month somebody gets to pay $20,000 to $40,000 for a car they will never see again. Your contract says "don't go". The drive guides say "don't go". There is even a sign posted saying "don't go".
They still "go".

Inside the main tank at the Maui Ocean Center, in Ma'alaea.

Interesting denizens of the deep

Coastline near Hana

O'heo Gulch pools

I have no idea where this is on Mau'i

Sailing the red sunset

I think this is a view from the Kea Lani

Another Mau'i sunset


"Let's all be careful out there!"