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Saturday, April 07, 2007



~ Sue & Ian ~
Newcastle, England, UK

As soon as I logged on, the phone was transferred to me. Thus starts another Friday night. 14 paid runs and one "no pay", only 2 of which were below $10. In other words, one hell of a great night.

Drove 207 miles By 10:30pm, I only had 3 cabs on the road. Myself (ONE-NINE), TMR (#27) and "Crazy" Brian (#09). We never stopped moving. At one point I went around the drive-thru of one of the all night "choke & pukes" and got a burger. 2 hours later I was able to take the first bite out of it. Thats B U S Y!!

The lovely couple above, Sue & Ian, are on Mau'i to visit with their son and his family from Australia. It was easier to meet at a nice "mid-way" point. So it was either Hawai'i or California. Not a difficult choice.

The "high" points of the shift were Sue & Ian's fare, my first trip of the night (to OGG), a "Triangle" to the Harbor in Kahului and a late night trip from the "Triangle" to a private residence in Kahului. By the time I turned ONE-NINE over to "Murph" at 5:00am I was beyond exhausted.

Today's PICTURE GALLERY is from the Midway Atoll (Midway Island). Midway is not part of the State of Hawai'i but is part of the Hawai'ian Archipelago. The Hawai'ian State boundary abuts it on the west and south. It was once a U.S. Naval Base but is now administered as an insular area by the U.S. Department of Interior. It is a National Wildlife Refuge. It is the home of the Laysan Albatross (Gooney Bird)

Thanks for stopping in. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday or had one, for those who live where Sunday is over. I hope you can make it back tomorrow.




Midway Atoll


"Let's all be careful out there!"