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Thursday, August 30, 2007



One of the problems we have is lack of places to park while waiting for a dispatch. In Wailea, none of the resorts want us waiting around on their property. All beach access parking is closed at 7p and we are hassled by the Wailea Community rent-a-cops if we park anywhere in their patrol area. Even The Shops At Wailea kick us out. Of course, the difference between us and their regular traffic is that we have a yellow light on the roof and our vehicles are clean, late model automobiles that actually have wheels on them and no major damage.

Both of these have been parked at The Shops for well over a month.

I guess I could take "Maggie" and beat the shit out of our cabs so we look more like their "valued" customers.

The title of today's missive says it all. My second fare of the night was a good one from Wailea to a hostel in Wailuku. A young couple from "Sacratomato", CA USA. He just flew in today and she has been here for a week already, with her parents.

Contributed a 25% tip too!

4 fares between 7p and 11p. 1 on the dog-watch.

If this is boring to you, then consider how I felt.

Oh, yeah. We had 4 cabs on until 2a. Started with a lot more than that.

My morning relief advised me that he will be taking the next 5 days off. I have no idea who will be my relief on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Feces occurs. I'll just hang in there until someone shows up.

The next 3 nights we only have 3 cabs on until bar close. And we might get some business from the Three Dog Night concert in Wailuku this evening.

5 fares / 77 miles / 4th quarter below $100 bracket




Upcountry - Mau'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"