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Thursday, November 22, 2007



Lest we forget.

"Let's all be careful out there!"



Allergies were gone when I awoke. The wind was still blowing as strong but it was also raining. In fact it rained, occasionally heavy, until after midnight. The temps stayed in the low 70's all night, which is normal but, with winds blowing a good 20+ mph, there was a damp chill to the evening. As might be expected, business was slow this holiday eve.

You know what I like about Thanksgiving? The fact that there is no pressure or stress involved with it. You cook and/or eat. Thats the only requirement. No worrying about sizes, whatever. Show up hungry and leave stuffed.

As a cop I hated Thanksgiving. I would miss my dinner and it was the night of the worst violent disturbance calls all year. Families who could not normally abide each other would always do the "get together" thing, have too much alcohol, and then every animosity they've harbored since day one of their existence is brought to the forefront. A mix'n'match event with the players changing sides on every call. The most dangerous night for cops in America.

Thank god that most families aren't like that. Just the ones I had to deal with.

Christmas was in second place. The "Bickersons" would just send gifts rather than getting together.

I picked up my turkey TV dinner and a pumpkin pie for later today, like in about 30 minutes.

Made the majority of my fares, and money, on the dog-watch. Of the entire shift, only one run did not consist of a drunk. And every drunk was bitter. No family to share their holiday with and taking their anger out against the world, or me. Whichever was closer to yell at. [sigh]

Tonight it will be ONE-NINE, TMR and "Crazy" Brian working. I'll have dispatch. We should stay busy until the restaurants close, then it'll be just the losers at the bars until 2a.

8 fares / 73 miles / 4th quarter below $100 bracket

Have a gluttonish day and remember it is acceptable to undo the clasp on your slacks for just a few more bites of seconds, thirds, etc.




First 2 images courtesy of Maui Action Photos. Mahalo, Van.


"Let's all be careful out there!"