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Friday, January 04, 2008



Sat for 75 minutes before I made my first pick-up. At least it was an OGG out of Wailea!

We had 6 cabs working the night shift and what we mostly did was just sit.

I was napping at the FoodLand lot when I am approached by 2 couples, wanting to go to Kahului, across the island. The ladies were late 20's from Sydney and the guys were kama'aina residents. The gents had convinced the girls to attend a private party. The damsels thought they were going to some beach house.

15 minutes after I dropped them, my cell phone rang, just as I was entering Kihei. It was the ladies, ready to come back. NOW! Hustled back across the isthmus and picked just the girls up. The admission price to the party was "ice" or "ass". Not really ready to call it a night, I took them to Longhi's, at The Shops At Wailea but it had closed early due to lack of business. By that time it was bar close and we headed to their condo in far north Kihei.

Made arrangements to pick them up from there this evening so they could go to dinner at Spago's in the Four Seasons. If I can work things out at my end, availability of a cab, I might come in early on Saturday and take them to the Old Lahaina Luau and then the nightclub, Spatz, at the Hyatt Regency in Ka'anapali.

Luckily for them, a lesson was learned without any dire consequences.

One bar close and 3 dog-watch finished off the night.

10 fares / 150 miles / 3rd quarter $200 bracket.

Our Time-Warner Cable service, Oceanic Cable, is really beginning to piss me off. Every night this week it has been down in the wee hours. And it does no good to call the 24/7 service line. They want the account number, which I can't provide because my service is through my landlord via wifi. They want me to reset the modem. Can't do that either, its on the other side of the wall in the landlords office. Also, since the 1st, OC has been touting their new "Turbo" cable connection. Which is what we have been using since RoadRunner was first offered. Now they are cutting the standard service by 1/3 in speed and charging more to get back to where we were. Another change is that whenever my landlord logs onto the net, I get bumped off, with the message:
"Another User With The Same IP Number Has Logged On"
Grrr. Forrestt Gump was right.

Thanks for your patience and I'll try my darnedest to make my regular post tomorrow.





Over The Limit?
Please don't drink and drive

"Let's all be careful out there!"
Damn internet connection down. Try again later. Mahalo. Sent via cell phone.