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Friday, August 08, 2008



Here it is, Friday afternoon/evening. Nothing special occurring in my life. Just the typical dog days of summer. Then...
I wonder what the space-time continuum is shaped like?

Then I got all dimensional:

Followed by lyrical:

I know. Other folks are thinking about tonight's date. The Olympics. How many beers they must consume before the abyss takes control of their brain and body.
I guess I am different.

We heard from Paris.
Now it's Britney's turn. Lets just say she isn't quite as eloquent.

How is a guy to make a dishonest living with all those "goodie two shoes" interferring?

Bob Saget was given a "celebrity roast". For some reason the "Standards & Practices" people left this one on the cutting room floor. But it is funny. In a very sick way. LOL

I didn't hear McCains "approval" at the end of this one.

I guess the traffic laws in Russia are different that the rest of the world.

I guess the ones who were backing the wrong way figured if they got hit they could say the other guy rear ended them. How far would you get doing this in your part of the world?

And finally...
A little music to finish your day

See ya tomorrow!

"Let's all be careful out there!"


Today is Friday, August 8, the 221st day of 2008.
There are 145 days left in the year.

Today's Highlight in History:
  • On August 8, 1974, President Nixon announced he would resign following damaging new revelations in the Watergate scandal.
On this date:
  • In 1876, Thomas A. Edison received a patent for his mimeograph.
  • In 1908, American statesman and Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg was born in Chicago.
  • In 1942, six convicted Nazi saboteurs who'd landed in the U.S. were executed in Washington, D.C.; two others were spared.
  • In 1945, President Truman signed the United Nations Charter.
  • In 1945, the Soviet Union declared war against Japan during World War II.
  • In 1963, Britain's "Great Train Robbery" took place as thieves made off with 2.6 million pounds in banknotes.
  • In 1968, the Republican national convention in Miami Beach nominated Richard M. Nixon for president on the first ballot.
  • In 1973, Vice President Spiro T. Agnew branded as "damned lies" reports he had taken kickbacks from government contracts in Maryland, and vowed not to resign — which he ended up doing.
  • In 1978, the U.S. launched Pioneer Venus 2, which carried scientific probes to study the atmosphere of Venus.
  • In 1994, Israel and Jordan opened the first road link between the two once-warring countries.
Ten years ago:
  • President Clinton, in his Saturday radio address, vowed the bombers of two U.S. embassies in Africa would be brought to justice, "no matter how long it takes or where it takes us."
Five years ago:
  • The Boston Roman Catholic archdiocese offered $55 million to settle lawsuits stemming from sex abuse by priests. (The archdiocese later settled for $85 million.)
One year ago:
  • Space shuttle Endeavour roared into orbit with teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan on board.
  • Screenwriter-director Mel Shavelson died in Studio City, Calif., at age 90.
Today's Birthdays:
  • Producer Dino DeLaurentiis is 89.
  • Actress Esther Williams is 87.
  • Actor Richard Anderson is 82.
  • Joan Mondale (wife of former Vice President Walter F. Mondale) is 78.
  • Actress Nita Talbot is 78.
  • Singer Mel Tillis is 76.
  • Actor Dustin Hoffman is 71.
  • Actress Connie Stevens is 70.
  • Country singer Phil Balsley (The Statler Brothers) is 69.
  • Actor Larry Wilcox is 61.
  • Actor Keith Carradine is 59.
  • Rhythm-and-blues singer Airrion Love (The Stylistics) is 59.
  • Country singer Jamie O'Hara is 58.
  • Movie director Martin Brest is 57.
  • Radio-TV personality Robin Quivers is 56.
  • Actor Donny Most is 55.
  • Rock musician Dennis Drew (10,000 Maniacs) is 51.
  • TV personality Deborah Norville is 50.
  • Actor-singer Harry Crosby is 50.
  • Rock musician The Edge (U2) is 47.
  • Rock musician Rikki Rockett (Poison) is 47.
  • Rapper Kool Moe Dee is 46.
  • Rock musician Ralph Rieckermann is 46.
  • Rock singer Scott Stapp is 35.
  • Country singer Mark Wills is 35.
  • Actor Kohl Sudduth is 34.
  • Rock musician Tom Linton (Jimmy Eat World) is 33.
  • Singer JC Chasez ('N Sync) is 32.
  • Actress Tawny Cypress is 32.
  • Rhythm-and-blues singer Drew Lachey (98 Degrees) is 32.
  • Rhythm-and-blues singer Marsha Ambrosius (Floetry) is 31.
  • Actress Countess Vaughn is 30.
  • Actor Michael Urie is 28.
  • Tennis player Roger Federer is 27.
  • Actress Meagan Good is 27.
  • Britain's Princess Beatrice of York is 20.
Thought for Today:
"I think most people are more important than their opinions."
Jorge Luis Borges, Argentine author (1899-1986).

"Let's all be careful out there!"


"Let's all be careful out there!"



The Governor of Texas requested, and the EPA denied, a rollback on the mandated 9 billion gallons of ethanol to be added to gasoline in Texas this year and the 11 billion for 2009. The Governor says the requirement is causing the price of cattle feed to skyrocket.

Jobless claims hit a 6-year high.

We are all equal under the eyes of gawd, unless you're the preacher's wife. Then you only have to obey a less qualified standard of behavior.

Typical story of a rich blond bitch in First-Class seating. She needs to get her ass back to the trailer park for some reality checking.

American combat troops leaving Iraq by October 2010. Thats if Dubya or McCain or Haliburton don't screw things up. And thats straight from the camel's mouth.

NASA is getting ready for a facelift on the ISS. When completed, the crew capacity will double from 3 to 6. No word on when NASA will be having the "kegger" house warming party.

"Dear Web Poster.
I would like to offer you an opportunity to help promote my Presidential campaign and earn exciting gifts for yourself."
Click here for further exciting details.
There is no requirement for a working brain, since we will supply you with all the cc&p's of "talking points" you'll ever need for any forum, blog or news article comment. Have your entire family sign up today. Lets leave Washington for us wrinkly, white-haired guys. They don't call it the WHITE House for nuttin'.
AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Earthlink, Time-Warner.. Its hard to tell want their new relationships will be with each other, but it will most definitely be different.

Finally, you might find this slinking story a-mew-zing.

Thanks for you time and visit. See you soon.

"Let's all be careful out there!"