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Friday, August 08, 2008



Here it is, Friday afternoon/evening. Nothing special occurring in my life. Just the typical dog days of summer. Then...
I wonder what the space-time continuum is shaped like?

Then I got all dimensional:

Followed by lyrical:

I know. Other folks are thinking about tonight's date. The Olympics. How many beers they must consume before the abyss takes control of their brain and body.
I guess I am different.

We heard from Paris.
Now it's Britney's turn. Lets just say she isn't quite as eloquent.

How is a guy to make a dishonest living with all those "goodie two shoes" interferring?

Bob Saget was given a "celebrity roast". For some reason the "Standards & Practices" people left this one on the cutting room floor. But it is funny. In a very sick way. LOL

I didn't hear McCains "approval" at the end of this one.

I guess the traffic laws in Russia are different that the rest of the world.

I guess the ones who were backing the wrong way figured if they got hit they could say the other guy rear ended them. How far would you get doing this in your part of the world?

And finally...
A little music to finish your day

See ya tomorrow!

"Let's all be careful out there!"