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Friday, March 24, 2006


Do you like it?

When I went to Alyssa's house for dinner on Sunday, it had been raining all day. Stopped just as I arrived. The sky was totally overcast. As sunset approached, I thought that I could see a little clearing of the sky right on the horizon. About every 30 seconds to one minute I snapped a shot. The fourth and fifth shots I took about 20 seconds apart.

Those with digital cameras know that you really can't see much on the 1.5-inch LCD.

Downloaded the pics when I got home and made the post that contains all 7 shots.

It wasn't until I woke on Monday that I really looked at them in my files. That fourth shot was spectacular! You can see how the fifth shot, 20 seconds later, had lost the light, the texture, the splendor.

Kept studying that shot all day. I had been wanting to put a banner here for awhile but never could find the right pic. Used Photoshop to play with it, and you can see the results above.

Also had to make some minor changes in the template's HTML and Javascript. Been playing with that stuff since 1998, so no big deal.

I am proud! :)


"Let's all be careful out there!"



Started at 7:00pm and watched a tropical lightshow developing in the distant northwest, near the island of Moloka'i. Had my first run at 7:45pm. To the airport (yipee!!). My guests and I talked story about how crappy the weather has been these past 10 days.

No rain on the way there but coming back I drove into a cloudburst for about three miles.

I immediately was dispatched to a call when I checked in at the Kihei town boundry. It was nearby. That run took me to the FOODLAND/"Triangle" area. As I dropped, I picked up a run from there to Wailea.

When I cleared I was immediately dispatched back to the "Triangle" for another dinner return to Wailea. Then I had an in-Wailea pupu run.

Cleared it and was dispatched back to The GRAND for another airport run (yipee!! again).

It rained the entire trip there. Heavy at times.

When I cleared at OGG, I was advised to standby for a "meet & greet" at 10:40pm (and again, yippee!!). A family arriving on American 161, going to The GRAND. Met a wonderful family from Chicago. The rain on the trip back to Wailea was steady.

The light show was getting better.

Picked up Alyssa and Natalie about 12:30am and took them to Makena.

After everyone else left, I had some Kihei pupu runs.

Finished the night with another OGG (final yippee!!) from Wailea at 4:30am. Major portions of SR311 (Mokulele Highway) were flooded. But, on my return, the flooding was gone.

At 5:00am, just as I was trying to clear at the airport, our radio repeater went B/O (bad order). I could "key-up" our westside repeater from Kahului, but the eastside one was dead. They are on different channels and have different "footprints" on the island.

When I left at 6:00am, it was still down. Hope all the dayshift drivers have cell-phones.

This morning's pump price:

Our highest price was in September last year. $4.049 for 87 octane.


That's the FAA designation for Mau'i International Airport.

Apparently a Mr. H O G G was influential in having the airport built and the FAA honored a county request to use the last three letters of his name for the designation. Fact or fiction? I don't know, but thats the story I've heard. Sounds good, anyway. I can see why they didn't use the first three letters instead. Everyone wants to go to paradise, not HOG heaven. [groan] ;)

Here is baggage claim (looking east):

These folks are entering baggage claim from the east escalator. They're off an Air Canada flight:

On your left as you enter baggage claim is a display provided by the Mau'i Ocean Center, the world's largest reef aquarium, located in Maalaea. That dark spot is an aquarium:

Here's a look inside the aquarium. It's artifically illuminated during the day:
Well, its "Aloha Friday"!


"Let's all be careful out there!"