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Tuesday, July 01, 2008



Starbucks Corp. will close 600 US coffee shops and eliminate as many as 12000 jobs

Woman crashes into store then tries to buy beer

Man accused of hitting mom with Polish sausage

Nowthen, Minn., I think our city has a name

Alleged burglar sheds clothes, flees in shorts

Man charged for having pants undone in park

Pentagon is in the market for spy satellites

100 years later, Tunguska still mysterious

"Let's all be careful out there!"

noon 7/1

The details.

Hmmm. So shrooms have positive attributes.

You can't squeeze blood from a turnip but you can squeeze oil from a rock.

Two weeks ago Sweden passed a law that allows for the government to eavesdrop on all telephonic and electronic traffic that crosses their borders. The Swedes are now starting to raise holy hell about it.

Its dawn. You are bleary eyed. Desperate for that first cup of coffee to kick start your day. You go out to get the morning paper and walking down the street are llamas, camels, zebras and pot-bellied pigs. It must have been reassuring to discover that you weren't hallucinating. Though I do wonder how many folks did swear off their mind altering substance of choice that morning. Imagine trying to explain what you saw to your significant other.

Imagine leaving for work and returning home to a vacant lot.

Happy Canada Day to all our friends north of the border.

"Let's all be careful out there!"


"Let's all be careful out there!"



Thats what Bush told us about bin Laden. So, why is he still alive? We know the general area he is hiding in. We have the resources to go get him. The military has operational plans drawn up. The only stumbling block is that the White House won't give the "go ahead". Is it because there is more political and propaganda gain in keeping the "boogie man" out there as a threat? Is there pressure being brought to bear by the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia to keep their off-spring alive? Is that the only bargaining chip we have left in trying to get production concessions from the Saudi's? Nothing is ever just simple black & white. The situation is always a convoluted mixture of grays.

Dubya, you have less than 7 months to come through on your promise. Please do something right for a change. I know this is a difficult challenge to your talents and abilities but give it a shot. You couldn't fuck up any worse than you already have. And, just maybe, you could actually succeed and raise your legacy quotient quite a few notches.


McCain's "Straight Talk Express", is now airborne. Wonder what happened to the bus?

We have all heard Dubya expound on why we should never engage in negotiations with our enemies. An example is North Korea, whom we do not even recognize as a country. So would he please explain how he justifies the, um, "discussions" that occurred to dismantle their nuclear capability and why we are suddenly shipping food to that "Axis of Evil" nation? It can't be for humanitarian reasons. Bush doesn't have a humanitarian bone in his body.

The City of San Francisco has rejected a claim of liability against it for the deaths caused by that earlier tiger attack. Its just symbolic. A procedural process that must be completed before a civil suit against them may begin. Any other place in the world , the City would be pretty well in the right. The kids were under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Teased the caged animals and were mauled to death. Kismet takes care of everything. But this is California and, even worse, San Francisco. Where stupidity is rewarded.

I mentioned this earlier: Iraq has started accepting bids (yesterday) from the major oil companies to exploit the second largest proven oil field in the world. Well, at least there were two winners to come out of Iraq - Cheney & Haliburton. Way to go "dead-eye" Dick.

I think we should pass a law that no sports team in Boston is ever allowed to win another national title. Every time they do, the celebrations turn deadly. Okay, if any team from MIT ever wins a NCAA Title, then we can make an exception.

Behind schedule and over budget. Thats the sum of the rebuilding at "Ground Zero." And the typical way we Americans construct things.

Have a great day. I'll be back later. Thanks for stopping in.

"Let's all be careful out there!"