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Thursday, November 08, 2007



I woke up about 3:35p yesterday and noticed that it was darker than normal. Peeked out the blinds and the sky was thickly overcast. Grabbed some iced tea on my way to check my e-mail and just about 4p it started pouring down kittens and puppies. Lasted about 30 minutes and then it became unbearably humid. Got to work at the normal time and just the few minutes I spent in ONE-NINE with the a/c on caused my glasses to fog up as soon as I stepped out of the cab. It never rained again the rest of the shift but the clammy conditions didn't find a respite all night. When it was raining, I pulled up the NWS radar site (link on sidebar) for Mau'i and the shower was very localized. Just covering the southwest corner of the island. Basically the far south end of Kihei, all of Wailea and all of Makena. Residual moisture and instability from the departing "Kona Low" would be my prognostication. We had some wind during the night. At first I thought the "Trades" must have returned but decided that it was the cooler air from Haleakala rolling down the mountain as the warmer air over the ocean rose. My abused body doesn't appreciate these conditions and every joint was screaming in protest.

Had a few more runs than on Tuesday but the total $ was shorter by about $12. Lucked out on my first fare, which took me into Kihei, a dinner run, and had a return fare from the drop location back into the Maui Meadows section of Wailea. The third trip of the night was an OGG out of Wailea. These kind folks from Calgary, Canada, gave me $80 on the $52 meter.

I printed up my new business cards with my cell number boldly featured in large font over the smaller alternative company number. I only gave out 2 during the shift and both called for return pick-ups. I wasn't able to cover the first as I was just dropping at OGG when the call came in and was over 30 minutes away. Had Mau'i Jim cover the call for me and I might get their departure from the island on Friday night. At least that is what Jim said later. The second call-back came from a young man I gathered up from far north Kihei and took to the "Triangle" about 11:45p When I did the return at 1:30a, he had obviously made the most of his 90 minutes. I think he had read the sign that says "Drink Canada Dry". Alas, he only succeeded in getting them to add a second shift. Better luck next time.

Other than my "special", we never received a call after midnight. I may have been "Top Gun" for the shift. Thats pretty normal for this time of the year.

I am hoping that having a full-time day driver on ONE-NINE will provide the opportunity to get the radio antenna, that has been missing (broken off) for over 5 months, to be replaced. Along with the gas cap that mysteriously was substituted by someone 2 weeks ago. The substitute is too large. This is a strange incident. The cab has a locked cover over the cap that can only be released from the interior and the cap itself is bolted to the filler ring. Yet on Sunday, the 28th of October, I filled the tank and on Monday, the 29th, Murph found that the switch had occurred. Of course the only person that could have done it was the now departed driver and naturally he denies it. It does fit within his personality profile, though.

Gas jumped 5-cents this week. I bet we are around $4 a gallon by the first of the year and close to $5 by this time next year. Thats going to hurt the company's "bottom line", they buy the gas. The cost comes out of their 60% of the meter. Lets face it. It is going to get a lot worse for all of us and I doubt it will ever get better.

7 fares / 81 miles / 1st quarter $100 bracket

Oh, yesterday was the "Daughter's" 35th birthday. Amber is actually Judy's daughter but, as I have mentioned before, I consider her to be mine also. She was 8 when Judy and I became friends and I have been a part of her life (& vice versa) ever since.

Friday is almost here. Just hang in there.




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