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Saturday, January 26, 2008



Earlier this week I wished that those good tip nights would occur on a big money night. By current (adjusted) standards, last night was an excellent shift. And my "take-home" exceeded the meter. Thats very rare.

Business was steady the entire shift. Never rushed and very little "sit" time. Up until midnight we had 6 cabs and then Tina went home. And bar close ended right at 2:00 AM, nobody needed to stay late to help me. The dog-watch added 4 additional runs. And I was home by 4:30 AM.

A very pleasurable night. No obnoxious drunks or anything.

On Thursday night we were informed by "Triangle" security that we were no longer allowed to park on "Triangle" property, for security reasons, to be as close to the bars as possible for "walkups". Last night we were informed that we would no longer be allowed to drop fares off or pick fares up on "Triangle" property. And by "we" I mean any taxi company. Of course our company is the only one working the south-side at night.

Part of the on-going battle between "Triangle" management and the bars on the property. If the management company didn't want that many bars they shouldn't have signed leases. I agree that 6 bars in what is about 150 square meters is assinine. Thats just trouble waiting to happen. Besides, having more bar locations would increase the number of fares as people moved from one location to another. Now they can literally pub "crawl".

So our lil' ol' cab company is the pawn in this power play. Secirity also puts chains up at all but the rear entrances sometime between 11:00 PM and Midnight. I think I've mentioned that before. They want to make it as difficult as possible for people to get onto the property after the "normal" businesses have closed.

The "Triangle" has two different security services. One covers the daylight hours and their personnel look like an English Bobby sans the hat. The night service varies between 3 to 10 people and are dressed like prison guards or Mexican Police. One of the ladies is maybe 130 pounds but the rest are well over 250 pounds (male & female).

This new setup really won't bother us much. We've already been requesting that the bars send their guests to us at the FoodLand lot or to the Uno-Cal 76 Station on the other side.

The night guard service also patrols 2 other properties, The center where Safeway is located and the Kukui Mall, which is ½ mile north of the "Triangle". They won't let us park on those properties either.

Oh, well. Feces occurs and you already know my opinion of Rent-A-Cops.

Never left town and never had a fare that reached $20.

16 fares / 123 miles / 1st quarter $200 bracket

One more shift to go and I'll start my night with a "special" from Kihei to Chez Paul. Plus the return. And maybe, just maybe, we'll stay busy.

Check back tomorrow to find out.





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