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Saturday, February 10, 2007



Saw this at Lugosi's.

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"Let's all be careful out there!"



One of my fares last night.

Logged on at &p and took over the phone at 7:05p. I was fourth up in the Wailea queue. By 7:15p I had my first fare of the shift. A nice run to Roy's from The Grand. Got back to Wailea and "dropped tag" for my 8p "special". A return trip to OGG, with the people I had picked up from the canceled America West flight the prior shift. I didn't get a call from them, so they apparently got off okay.

The first 2 hours were a typical Friday night. Most of the cabs were busy on OGG or long dinner runs. We were booked solid until 9p.

About 7:30p I get a call from a guy at Long's Drugs, in central Kihei, who wanted to go north to Kihei Villages, an apartment/condo complex at the north end of town. I apologized and explained that I had no cabs available for 90 minutes.
"Thats not acceptable. I want a cab, NOW!"

"Sir, apparently you didn't hear me correctly. I don't have any cabs to send to you until 9 pm at the earliest."

"No. You did not understand ME. I said I want a cab NOW!"

"Sorry. No can do."


Ten minutes later, he calls back.

"We seem to have been disconnected. I need to be picked up at Long's Drugs. NOW!"

"Is English a second language for you sir?"

"No. Of course not."

"Okay. Then what part of 'THERE ARE NO CABS AVAILABLE' didn't you understand?"

"What is your name?

"I am the dispatcher."

"No. I want your name and I want it NOW. I am going to call your owner and complain about you."

"You may call the owner tomorrow morning, if you wish. He knows who I am. Of course he is less tolerant of stupid people than I am, so be prepared to be yelled at and then hung up on."

"I am going to have you fired."

"Good luck. The next sound you hear will be me hanging up on you. Aloha."


He didn't call back.

Just after 7p Maui Jim (#17) and TMR (#27) took about a dozen people from the Renaissance to the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center in Kahului. QKC is our regional shopping mall, the largest shopping center on the island. The people were going to do some shopping, have a late dinner and then do some grocery shopping at the FoodLand store, next to the mall. All the arrangements were made for them to call us back about thirty minutes before they were ready to be returned to Wailea. The clock marched on and about 10p I ask Jim if he had any idea about when they would be calling. The mall closes at 9p and the restaurant they were going to closes about 10p. FoodLand is open 24/7. About 11p he was making a drop at the Renaissance and three La Bella taxis, from Kahului pull in and deliver the 12 people that Jim and TMR had been waiting for. The two cabs over had cost them about $100 but taking three cabs back would have been $150. La Bella drives those little (and I mean LITTLE) Scions, which only hold 4 passengers. I guess they were more interested in not waiting rather than saving money.
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The Love Shack is an adult fantasy store located in the "Triangle".

I have no idea what these young folks were doing outside of Lulu's on Thursday night, but it looked interesting (strange) enough to snap a pic.
Another interesting paint scheme

For the next week, we'll be visiting the Pacific Cove Luau, on O'ahu, for a close-up look a a great luau.

Mahalo for dropping over. See y'all tomorrow.




"Let's all be careful out there!"