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Wednesday, June 07, 2006



The night actually started off on a good foot. Four nice dinner runs, BANG BANG BANG BANG. Then 8:30pm rolls around and the world stops. Two bars in the "Triangle" closed early for lack of business. Next run wasn't until 1:00am. When the other drivers quit at 2:00am I had 6 runs on my log.

But my biggest challenge of the night still lay ahead.

Here was my problem:
  • 4:30am - run to OGG

  • 4:30am - in-town run

  • 5:00am - run to OGG

  • 5:00am - in-town run
Since I am the only cab on the southside at those hours and it takes about 1 hour to do the roundtrip to OGG, I was in trouble. Called my relief, Flor, and offered him the first OGG if he would come in early.. He accepted and I covered the other 4:30. Picked up the 5:00am OGG and had to let the other run slide. That was a shame since that fare is a lady we regularly take to and from work at one of the hotels in Wailea. Couldn't contact any of the other "early" day drivers by phone and had to wait until the 5:30am driver checked in to dispatch that run. I am sure she was pissed. I know I was. My OGG metered out at $32.90 and the guy gave me $33.00 and "keep the change."


Art, the owner, will have his hands full this afternoon. The Grand called me around 3:45am. They had a lady on another line requesting that she and her party be picked up this afternoon, at OGG. She was in her departure airport, preparing to board her flight.
"No worry, Feliza. We do that all the time."

"Uh, but Wil, there are 30 people in her party."

"Not a problem. I'll have 6 cabs waiting for them and someone standing at the security exit with their name on a sign."

"Thats great. I'll let her know."
In that brief moment between finding out there were 30 people in the party and telling Feliza we would cover it, my mind calculated how many vans we would need for 30 people, plus their assorted luggage, and figured the odds of haveing 6 cabs available. I don't think there was a perceptable pause in my response. Most of us do this multiple times a day without even thinking about it. It is frustrating to deal with someone who is agonizingly slow in making a decision. Very linear thought patterns.


After dinner at Judy and Dave's place on Monday, I stopped by Radio Shack and saw that they had a notebook on clearance sale. I bought it. A bad decision.

It is a TOSHIBA "Satellite L20/L25 series". Came with an instruction manual that was worthless. Lacking clear information on anything. Took 24 hours to find the unlabeled and unreferenced Wi-Fi switch. After getting onto the net the system would lockup within 5 minutes. 20 times I had to unplug the power cord, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, replace the battery and reconnect the power cord and then restart.

I am taking it back this afternoon and exchanging it for a different, and more expensive, HP notebook. You get what you pay for.

Sorry for no pics tonight. Nothing happened.


"Let's all be careful out there!"