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Friday, August 31, 2007



Last Night's Sunset
At 9:30p I surpassed Tuesday night's meter. Passed Wednesday's at 9:45p. And beat their combined total at 1:26a. Then I added two more fares to the night.

I think this just about sums it up:

Had the pleasure of the company of these four lasses twice last night. I didn't get their names but they are from SoCal. Aren't they pretty? They were as nice as they were good looking. Even at the end of the night.

Also had two Irish lads. Mid-twenty's. The rudest people of the night. Not that they were deliberately trying to be rude, just that I was a "cabbie" and far below their station in life. I had them twice last night also. Their main interests were getting a blow-job, football (soccer), and seeing if they could get into a fight at the "Triangle" with a "local". They didn't think the people of polynesia were that tough. I don't know how they fared since I had only taken them to Mulligan's and later to the "Triangle". No ambulances were called to the "Triangle" during the shift, so maybe they sized up the competition and realized they were out-matched.

14 fares / 116 miles / 1st quarter $200 bracket

Received a call from Judy's new boyfriend/roommate, Richard, last night. Judy was taken ill on Sunday past and finally was transported to MMMC yesterday. Nobody knows what is wrong and she is scheduled for a CAT-SCAN later today. We don't have a MRI machine on Mau'i. Richard had just left her at the ER. They had doped her up and she was drifting off to the "Land of Nod". She told him that there was no reason to hang around and watch her sleep and that he had to call me asap or I would be pissed. And I would have been, too. I'll talk to him this evening and hopefully they'll have an idea of what the problem is. The only symptoms that he told me was that she was having severe chest and upper back pains.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I find out.




Upcountry Mau'i

"Let's all be careful out there!"