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Sunday, May 20, 2007



~ Last Night's Sunset ~

Woke up at 4:50p and was sitting at my desk, getting ready to check my e-mail, and waiting for my brain to "upload" and my eyes to focus, when the phone rang. It was dispatch and they were short-handed.

No problem!

I didn't rush, though. I wanted my body, brain and heart to all get there at the same time. Unlike yesterday.

11.25 hours later, I finished this morning with the best shift I have had in about 15-17 months. Drove 230 miles, covered 24 fares, and had a meter in the very low quad$.

Two trips to OGG and a return from Ma'alaea Harbor to Wailea. Those were the only times I left town and account for about 37% of the meter. Everything else was "south-side".

I am starved. Didn't eat before I went in and only had time for one 5-minute "potty" break during the entire shift. But I will eat right after I post this.

Must serve my loyal readers

The trade winds started dying off last week and are nonexistent this weekend. That makes for some great beach weather. However, when this occurs, it means that convectional heating of the land causes cloudiness over Haleakala, in the late afternoon/early evening, and, when the evening temperature cools down, we get very localized showers. As usual, Wailea is the place that, typically, gets the rain. Last night was no exception. Not bad though. Only had to have the wipers on the third delay indent. ONE-NINE's wipers have six different delay speeds plus the normal and high speed settings.

Even my "solo" hours were active. 8 trips!! Thats more than the total for some recent past shifts.

Almost nailed a pedestrian last night. I was running a fare from FoodLand to Kihei Shores, a residential condo in south Kihei. As I approached the traffic signal at Kihei Road and Alanui Ke Ali'i, there were a group of very intoxicated tourists walking on the oceanside sidewalk. One spots me and leaps into the roadway, in front of me, trying to "flag" me down.

Jerk the wheel hard to the left and slam on the brakes, so hard that my ABS brakes actually locked up. I didn't think that could be done. Missed him by about 1 foot. Shoved my heart out of my throat and pulled my shorts out of my ass and continued the run.

That guy doesn't know how lucky he was. What if I had been sneezing or yawning? He did cuss me out for not picking him and his friends up, though. Believe me, there is no way I would have given that prick a ride, even if I had been empty. He's the type that starts other problems when they get in a cab.

For the fourth night in a row, someone has complimented me on how "smooth" of a driver I am. Not a spendable accolade but definitely a morale booster. Something everyone needs, at times.

Did I mention that I am starved?

Good morning, everybody. I'll be back tomorrow with more drivel and horse droppings.

Have a fantastic day!




Kealakekua Bay
Big Island
Lanikai Beach
Windward side
Church In A Village
Which Was Later Destroyed By Volcanic Action
Big Island


"Let's all be careful out there!"