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Tuesday, June 05, 2007



Between 2:00p and 2:01p, EDT, June 2, 2007, people from all over the world took, mostly, random pics of where they were at that particular minute. These images were submitted to A Minute in the Life and are available for viewing from a link there (free). This image was the one chosen from the 3 submissions I made. 2:00p is 8:00a, HST, and the sun was still in its opening act. This is just up the street from where I live. For me, 8:00a is late.

Sorry about the paucity of yesterday's post. I had a complete writers block. I couldn't have even written a shopping list. I am sure it will happen again, hopefully not soon. When it does I'll, at least, post THE PICTURE GALLERY and then throw in some other stuff as the day passes and my brain becomes more enlightened.

Dinner was pizza at Judy's, followed by scrumptious lemon topped cheese cake. Poor fare on TV last night. Watched the FOX series House. I had not seen it before. Interesting, well written and acted.

My new week starts this evening. With a Bit'O'Luck, we'll see some early summer season tourists arriving. Summer also has its "trade-offs". What we will be seeing are families. Families usually rent a vehicle and the majority of their activity is during the daylight hours. They seldom need a cab and are normally asleep by 10:00p. But there are enough additional FITs (sans keikis) to increase the nightly "take". Well, that is what is "NORMAL". The way this year has been, I don't know any more but my fingers are crossed.

Hope you can make it by tomorrow.




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"Let's all be careful out there!"