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Monday, February 22, 2010


I really liked Haloscan as a comment service but I just clicked on it and the new service from JS/Kit came up. Didn't like it and I posted a comment and it never appeared.

So, I have reactivated Blogger's "comment" service. It will be moderated to keep trolls from wasting everyone's time. Also, if I read it correctly, the comments will be embedded directly below the post. This eliminates all that hassle of pop-up window or being shuffled off to some other web page. If anyone else has left comments over the last couple of days, and they didn't appear in that sidebar widget (also history) then I never received them.

Don't forget, you can also use the chat box on the sidebar to just make general comments. Don't even have to sign in.

Hey, its almost March and winter will soon be leaving our presence. I am so HAPPY!

Oh, has anyone noticed that my other blog has both a left AND a right sidebar. Blogger doesn't offer that as an option but I've been doin' some readin' and figured out how to make it work. Pretty kewl, eh?

"Let's all be careful out there!"

My Angel Drops In

My beautiful Angel, Alissa (a/k/a/ "Wiskers") went skydiving yesterday, SUNDAY 21-FEB-2010. She's wearing the camera. (duh!) Just been informed the she's NOT the one wearing the camera. She's the one you're watching doing all the spins and shit. As she pointed out, winds speeds of 130mph do tend to distort one's appearance. Also, all that gear she's wearing tends to hide her fantastic good looks.

XOXO Love you Angel! XOXO

"Let's all be careful out there!"


I got 22 out of 25 correct.
How well can you do?


"Let's all be careful out there!"

One Pissed Off Cat

"Let's all be careful out there!"