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Saturday, March 17, 2007





The GOOD karma was washing over me like waves on the shore. While I never left town, I stayed very busy with 27 fares for the shift and averaged $12 per trip. Drove 168 miles. I am bushed.

As I climbed into ONE-NINE last night I saw the phone, on the seat, just waiting for me. It was Friday night. My night to have the "football". As you all know, I HATE DISPATCHING! I do, however, try to approach each session as a game. Each time, a trial of my mental capabilities, gauging the ebb and flow of the traffic and crisis management, when someone throws a "monkey wrench" (spanner) into the "works". It's a personal test. I am the only one who can gauge it. At the end of each dispatch shift I reflect upon how well I did the job. Last night I was "smokin'". Some drivers, when they have the phone, like to "cherry pick" the calls, I've spoken of this many times. I don't. Like poker, its the "luck of the draw". Every hand's a winner and every hand's a loser. Its all in how you play the game (mahalos to Kenny Rodgers for that line).

Logged in a little past 7pm and was immediately dispatched to my first fare. While enroute, the phone was transferred and the game was on. Started with 7 cabs on the field and everyone of them was already engaged in runs. The hand-off from Art was mostly fumble free. But he didn't tell me who was working or where they were. All I knew was that no one was available and I didn't know when or where anyone would "free-up". Within minutes, the first of the day cabs went home and the other 3 followed within 90 minutes. That left just :Crazy" Brian (#09), Hardin (#25) and me (ONE-NINE) A lot of folks went out to dinner last night. Most of them before my shift started. Just as the returns began, #09 had a "special" in kahuli, coming back to the south side. That took him out of the picture for just over an hour. Then I get a call about needing 3 vans to move 14 people from Mulligans back to The Grand. #25 was going to have to shuttle them, since I obviously didn't have 3 vans available. Luckily all the runs in town were 4 people (ONE-NINE's maximum capacity) or less. By 10:30pm all the returns had been covered, #25 cleared up and #09 was back in town. Then the "wanna have a drink?" crowd started moving. From then until bar close we never quit moving. Bringing them into the "Triangle" and taking them back home. Kicked loose #25 at 2:00am and #09 at 2:15am, as they cleared their final jobs. The phone continued to ring, at a reasonable pacing between calls, for the rest of my solo hours. This shift was "normal" by last years standards. Only had one very minor ass in the cab last night and that is more mention than he was worth.

However, I also had some really wonderful guests.

~ Chad & Brianna ~
Nashville, TN, USA
This lovely couple were here for a conference that he was attending. Took them to and from dinner.
~ Ryan & Kelli ~
Tucson, AZ, USA
Brand new Newlyweds. Tied the knot on Friday. Picked them up from a private party and took them to their hotel.
~ Stacy & Crystal ~
Tucson, AZ, USA
These two beautiful ladies I picked up at the "Triangle" shortly after I had dropped Ryan and Kelli off. Turns out they were also part of the same "wedding group". Very appealing and very, very sexy.

To everyone. Thank you for all the positive thoughts directed my way. It was a big help.

Drop by anytime.
The pot is always on.






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St. Philomena
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St. Philomena

St. Philomena
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St. Philomena

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St. Philomena
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St. Philomena
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