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Thursday, August 31, 2006



Started the shift and needed some water. Elan Vital Galleries, the shop across from the Whaler's General Store, in The Shops At Wailea, had this beautiful chess set on display. Definately beyond my disposable income limit. But I can always dream.

Had 4 pu-pu runs in Wailea and a fifth run that finally took me into Kihei. By 9:30pm I was feeling really lousy. Called Kimo, last nights driver/dispatcher, and told him that I was going home and would be back a little after 1:00am to do the "graveyard" shift. Slept like a baby for three hours.

Logged back on at 1:15pm and cruised down to the "Triangle" where I was immediately "flagged". The guy asked me to wait a moment while he went and got his "girlfriend". Two minutes late they were in my cab and our destination was a residential condo at the south end of Kihei. Just after we started moving he asked the twenty-sumptin' girl if she was thirsty and we diverted to the "7-Eleven" store. When they both came back to the cab she said, to him, "I'm not totally shaved."

"Ah, a carpet bikini." he responded.

"Kinda. I just am really lazy and never shave unless I absolutely have to."

"Do you mind being shaved?"

"Oh. Its really fun if someone else shaves me. I am really into that."

"My girlfriend will shave you tonight. She is home dyeing her hair, waiting for us to get there. She is totally shaved."

"That sounds like fun. Maybe you can both shave me."

"No problem. She really likes to get it on with other girls. Do you?"

"I like sex. Makes no difference whether its male or female or even large groups. There is nothing I won't do and I enjoy everything."

We arrived at their condo and I had to interrupt the verbal foreplay to ascertain which building they were going to.

She gets out of the cab and he lingers to pay.

"This bitch is really kinky and we are going to fuck her up real good tonight. Want to join us?"

"Gee, uh, thanks for the invitation but I have to work. Gotta pay the rent on Friday." I stammered.

"I understand. Maybe some other time. She's really into some kinky shit."

She's not the only one, I thought to myself as I pulled back into the night.

Last run of the shift took me somewhere I had never been before. The King Kamehameha Golf Course in Waikapu. This sits high up the side of the West Mau'i Mountains, between Ma'alaea and Wailuku. The clubhouse is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright custom design for a home for Marilyn Monroe that was never built. The builders expanded all the dimensions, proportionately, and built a beautiful structure. This expansion did force them to significantly alter the interior floorplan. So the interior is not what FLW had intended.

Here are some sunrise pics looking across Kahului, to the east, from the clubhouse. About 5:40am.

I actually metered more money between 1:15am and 6:15am, this morning, than I did on any entire shift last week..

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Cabs Are For Kissing, from NYC.

PC Bloggs - a Twenty-first Century Police Officer, from the UK.

"Let's all be careful out there!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Boy, that really puts the kibosh on todays post.

Things that currently have me very pissed off
  • The blantant bigotry of the owner towards anyone who isn't Filippino. The whiter you are the more he hates you.
  • Speedi-Shuttle. Potential lawsuit here, so I am mum.
  • "The Jerk". What can I say about a 14 year old living in a 40+ year old's body.
  • The drunk who took off running, stiffing me for a measley $5.90

And then I get home and Blogger will only accept one pic at a time.

Oh, I did have a nice dinner this morning. Hamburger steak, gravy and a greek salad (romaine lettuce, black olives, waxed peppers, feta cheese, purple onion, tomato, seasoned red wine dressing).

Business was shitty and my anger quotient is deeply in the DANGER ZONE.

I am officially cancelling yesterday and this morning. They do not exist, anymore.

Off to bed.


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"Let's all be careful out there!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Ah, Tuesday evening, and thus another workweek for Paradise Driver begins. The last, and hopefully busy, week of the summer tourist season. Come next Tuesday and we will be in the autumn doldrums.

Added another cab-blog last night:

Buddha Cab, from NYC. Check it out!

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"Let's all be careful out there!"



Thats right. One year ago today, Melissa Plaut made her first post to her new blog at 3:13am EDT.

Originally read by friends and family, it began expanding audience base. Then, in late January, 2006, this little underground blog reached the attention of someone with the Associated Press newswire service, which did an article on her. Instant explosion! This generated an interview with one of the BIG network TV stations in NYC, which was eventually carried nationwide by the parent network's nightly news.

I wonder what it must have been like to check your stat-counter one day and see the same general trend in readership and then waking up the next day and seeing unbelievable numbers. And then about a week later having a readership that literally measured in the millions.

I know what I would have done. Just slouched back in my chair and said, "Holy Shit." When they climbed even higher, about a week later, I would have started laughing, saying, "Holy Fucking Shit!"

Melissa, thank you for entertaining all of us with your wit, your insight, and pictures of NYC that we never see from the Visitors Bureau of NYC.

Melissa has a book deal signed with Villard, an imprint of Random House, and it will be published sometime in 2007. If anyone knows Oprah, get her to add it to her bookclub listing, so M.P. can get very, very rich.

Melissa once commented that a fare told her that she had a very nice soft "Queens" accent. I listened to her do a reading on a radio show from Rocky Sullivans recently and was expecting to hear a "Fran Drescher" but instead she is very, very soft spoken with just a hint of Queens in her pleasant voice.

Congratulations, NEW YORK HACK!
Why don't y'all drop by and wish her good tidings.

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"Let's all be careful out there!"