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Thursday, August 31, 2006



Started the shift and needed some water. Elan Vital Galleries, the shop across from the Whaler's General Store, in The Shops At Wailea, had this beautiful chess set on display. Definately beyond my disposable income limit. But I can always dream.

Had 4 pu-pu runs in Wailea and a fifth run that finally took me into Kihei. By 9:30pm I was feeling really lousy. Called Kimo, last nights driver/dispatcher, and told him that I was going home and would be back a little after 1:00am to do the "graveyard" shift. Slept like a baby for three hours.

Logged back on at 1:15pm and cruised down to the "Triangle" where I was immediately "flagged". The guy asked me to wait a moment while he went and got his "girlfriend". Two minutes late they were in my cab and our destination was a residential condo at the south end of Kihei. Just after we started moving he asked the twenty-sumptin' girl if she was thirsty and we diverted to the "7-Eleven" store. When they both came back to the cab she said, to him, "I'm not totally shaved."

"Ah, a carpet bikini." he responded.

"Kinda. I just am really lazy and never shave unless I absolutely have to."

"Do you mind being shaved?"

"Oh. Its really fun if someone else shaves me. I am really into that."

"My girlfriend will shave you tonight. She is home dyeing her hair, waiting for us to get there. She is totally shaved."

"That sounds like fun. Maybe you can both shave me."

"No problem. She really likes to get it on with other girls. Do you?"

"I like sex. Makes no difference whether its male or female or even large groups. There is nothing I won't do and I enjoy everything."

We arrived at their condo and I had to interrupt the verbal foreplay to ascertain which building they were going to.

She gets out of the cab and he lingers to pay.

"This bitch is really kinky and we are going to fuck her up real good tonight. Want to join us?"

"Gee, uh, thanks for the invitation but I have to work. Gotta pay the rent on Friday." I stammered.

"I understand. Maybe some other time. She's really into some kinky shit."

She's not the only one, I thought to myself as I pulled back into the night.

Last run of the shift took me somewhere I had never been before. The King Kamehameha Golf Course in Waikapu. This sits high up the side of the West Mau'i Mountains, between Ma'alaea and Wailuku. The clubhouse is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright custom design for a home for Marilyn Monroe that was never built. The builders expanded all the dimensions, proportionately, and built a beautiful structure. This expansion did force them to significantly alter the interior floorplan. So the interior is not what FLW had intended.

Here are some sunrise pics looking across Kahului, to the east, from the clubhouse. About 5:40am.

I actually metered more money between 1:15am and 6:15am, this morning, than I did on any entire shift last week..

Flickr: Photos from macprohawaii


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"Let's all be careful out there!"


Dogbait said...

Wil, my stent collapsed after reading that! Be careful out there, you don't want another heart attack!

G.S. said...

Wil - Thanks so much for adding my blog to your list! I'll do the same for you as soon as I master the link thing. Your blog is inspiring... really something to shoot for. I'm going to read all your posts. - Gene Solomon

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