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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


16 years old, 10th grade, Portsmouth (NH) High School, biology class, principal announces over the in-class PA system that the president had been shot. Lesson stops, all ears focused on the audio being relayed from TV channel 6 out of Portland, ME, over the PA system, prayers (silent and whispered) being offered, soft sobs damping everyone's eyes. Bell rings, students move to the last class of the day. Almost 5,000 people in the building (my class of 1966 was 1800 alone) and absolute silence during class change, just the TV audio. Final class of my day, geometry, the teacher had a test scheduled for that day and come hell or presidential assassination she was going to give it. Passed out the exam, the announcer tells us that the president is dead, the teacher tells us that his death isn't important, the country was better off without him in the White House, and that the test would count 10% towards our final grade. Failed the test. Went home and was glued to the TV screen until the curtain rang down on this macabre play five days later.

I guess this day is etched in my mind until I am dead.

"Let's all be careful out there!"



About 3 hours into the shift and I was hungry. During my hours, the are very few choices of things to chow down on. Went to 7-Eleven and the only thing that appealed to me were their nachos. Added the cheese sauce, the chili sauce, minced onions and jalapenos. Get back in the cab and immediately get a dispatch. That is what usually happens when I try to eat. Finish the run and park at Azeka Place. I knew it was going to be messy and had acquired a huge fist full of paper napkins. Was reaching for my second bite when the entire container slipped and up-ended in my lap and spilling down the front of the drivers seat. Recovered what I could and took a look at myself. Covered from crotch to ankle with everything. Went home, ate what was left and changed clothes. Since it was a quiet night, I was not in a rush to return to the streets and turned on the TV and immediately fell asleep. Woke up at 1:30am and went out to pick up the phone from "crazy Brian". Had a few pu-pu runs during the early part of my solo hours. and then it died. Day-shift has a few reservations but nothing interesting.


~ Mary ~
Mary was my first ride of the night. Picked her and three male companions up from a condo in north central Kihei. The guys were headed to work at Moose's and she was going home.

~ Joanna & Ralph ~
This lovely couple, from Chicago, were married yesterday. Picked them up from one of the "big box" hotels in Wailea and took them to their condo in Kihei. I love newlyweds.

Cab #5's Hula Girl
Stopped to chat with Tina, early in the shift, and saw that someone had put a li' ol' hula dancer on the dashboard. Ones this small are rare.

Things Are Rough In Victoria, Australia

The State of Victoria, Australia, is really in bad shape, waterwise. No significant rain this winter and now they are going into summer with reservoirs that are basically empty. They went on "Stage 3" water restriction on November 1st and will go to "Stage 4" on December 1st. The image above is what will happen if they go to "Stage 5" and beyond during the remainder of the summer.

Click For Animation & The Rest Of The Story
I actually posted the above image earlier this year but Blogger killed the animation.

My New Biz Cards
Those folks stranded in the isolated hamlets on the southside of Mau'i are having turkeys, among other things, airlifted into them. Maui News Story.

Tampa Taxi Shots posted an interesting story.

So, you go Hawai'i and want talk like one local, yeah?
Then you want go here for pidgin teach.
Okay, brah?


Haleakala Sunrise
Haleakala As Seen From Kaupo
Ho'okipa Rocks
Ho'okipa "Cowboys"
The ONLY Tunnel On Mau'i
Kihei Side
Lahaina Side
It Is Often Raining On One Side But Not The Other
The Visitor Center - Summit Of Haleakala
Science City - Summit Of Haleakala
Hana Road Waterfall
West Mau'i Mountains From Upcountry Kula

"Let's all be careful out there!"