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Friday, February 08, 2008



There was no trouble last night. It was a bit warmer than last week and there were more people at the bars.
There was notable Police presence, but not as extensive as the last 2 Thursdays. From what I have heard, there is a gang race tribal war expected between the Tongans and the Hawai'ians. The Tactical Alert for the Police will be every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until, at least, the end of the month. The Alert has now been extended to include the bar areas of Lahaina, Kahului, Pa'ia and Makawao. Which explains the downsized show of force. There are only so many cops available. Had to make the broth a bit thinner.

In the late '90's, there was a war on Big Beach involving over 100 individuals, Tongans vs Hawai'ians. There aren't that many police officers on the street!

This animosity existed long before the arrival of Europeans and the "Rule of Law" is overridden by "Tribal Pride", in an eye-blink.

I dispatch tonight. Each week its one day later than the prior week Every 6th week I have a "bye". I love that week!

More and more "hospitality" people telling me that reservations are up for next week. How do you keep your hopes up with out becoming too vunerable to disappointment? Thats the reason why "feces occurs" is my favorite expression.

9 fares / 74 miles / 1st quarter $100 bracket

Enjoy your weekend! I'll be here if you want to drop by.





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