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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"D"-DAY + 22,645 days


11 months later (5-MAY-1945), victory was achieved in Europe.

I hope it has some significant meaning to each of you.

It was very warm yesterday. The "Official" high temperature at the airport (OGG) was 90of (32oc). We had no wind in Kihei and the humidity just kept climbing along the coastal areas, as the day wore on. Made for some very uncomfortable sleeping.
How busy were we? What you see in the pic is bar close at LAB (Life's A Beach).

Pitiful, isn't it?

Drove 55 miles (89 km), metered $54. I spent more than my "take-home" at the store (sob). Only had 4 runs the entire shift and only the last 2 tipped.

Obviously, last night was not the night that our summer tourists re-appeared.
Hakuna Matada
Another thing you might notice in the LAB photo. The humidity is visible in lights. It was so heavy and cloying. Even with the a/c on, I was still wet.

My first, longest and bigge$t run was a very sweet couple from near the Oxford area of England, UK. They had wed on May 26th and were on their honeymoon. San Francisco was their first destination, Mau'i second.

Each bad shift brings me just that much closer to the good ones. Have to think positive!

Enjoy your day. Remember that a "Vet" worked hard for you to have it.

Talk to y'all tomorrow.




Black Sand Beach
Kanaha Beach Park
Red Sand Beach
Little Beach


"Let's all be careful out there!"