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Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Tina (#05) has an 8a-5p day job. Thus she can't stay until 2a as the dispatch rules require. She wanted to turn the phone over to me at midnight but I refused acceptance. I didn't like this new rotation schedule anyway and there is no way I am going to accept having to do an extra 2 hours every night she proceeds me. I told that to TMR (#27), whose bright idea this was, last week and he said that he would cover those 2 hours. Tina said over the radio that TMR said he wouldn't take it and that the owner said I HAD to do it. Funny, nobody told me that. Obviously, TMR is lying to somebody. Tina went home at 2a. I am sure she'll be on the phone to the owner first thing today.

The night started okay with a fare right out of the gate. Followed by 2 more in that first hour. All were Wailea pu-pus. Had 2 more in the 8p hour. Then it died. Nothing until bar-close, which added 2 more and the dog-watch added 3, including a 4a to OGG. That saved the night!

2 young locals from FoodLand to far north Kihei were the ride of interest. A bar-close "walk-up", one had been drinking but was well in control of himself. His buddy was ripped and aggressive. He must have had TWO beers. This future Darwin Award candidate kept trying to pick a fight with me. I just ignored his aggression and always referred to him as "Sir". He was flustered. How do you get someone to fight if they're being nice to you? Safe-n-Sane would chastise him each time he stepped over the line. Me, I was bored to death. The aspiring DTs victim was proud that:
"I have no idea where my fucking car is."
"Crazy" Brian returned last night. I guess whatever the problem was has been resolved. Said he and his girlfriend had a fantastic time in Peru and Chile. I might get to post some of the pixs he took along the way. The only thing he missed in his itinerary was the Nasca Plains, where all those gigantic lines and images are located. The ET landing strip.

His return meant that we had six cabs on the night crew and a dirth of activity. The thin pot'o'gold was diluted even further.

Some yahoo took out a power pole on Mapu Rd, the north entrance to Maui Meadows, just before 2a today. Knocked out all residential power for the top half of that sub-division, along with the traffic light at Mapu/Kilohana & Pi'ilani Hwy. MECO (Maui Electric Company) crews were still working the scene as I came home.

10 fares / 100 miles / 2nd quarter $100 bracket

I recently read that there is going to be a movie remake of the original Star Trek TV series. The individual that will be playing Spock is the same person who plays the evil Sylar on HEROES, Zachary Quinto.

I can see him in those pointed ears, being all analytical. Anyone know anymore about this?

Off to bed. Y'all have a great day, okay.





"Let's all be careful out there!"