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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



Visual proof that I did lose that battle with Bear yesterday. Kind of like trying to hold a ball sized piece of the Sun in your hands. But harder.

I always wanted to build a geodetic dome house, on a raised tripod support. Sort of like the base of the Seattle Needle, but the base being only about 50 feet above ground level.

The current bid for this place is around $100,000. In my part of the world, that is dirt cheap.

Well, it looks like the Fed will lower the interest rate again, which will even further devalue the US$

Oh, this WILL aid the financial institutions and help save many folks' mortgages. So, you may not be able to afford the price of a new huge flat-screen but at least you'll have a home not to watch it in. Inflation should go into "run-a-way mode" in about 12-18 months. Please fasten your seatbelts. The ride is about to begin.

Just curious, do you think a human has already been cloned? I do.

But cloning has proven to be very beneficial, as this story shows.

Remember when you took your driving test? You knew you could do it but were afraid that something might happen. And the fear of the dreaded "parallel parking" portion of the exam. You knew that you would always find someplace to park that was just staright in. Even if it was considerable walking distance from your destination. Well this lady may, eventually, get the knack.

I've been invited to Judy and Richard's place for Easter dinner.

Have a great day!




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