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Wednesday, March 07, 2007



For the first time this year, Tuesday night actually brought home the bacon. About 72% of last year.

Gave me a warm, cozy feeling inside. Or maybe that was just the taco I had for dinner last night.

I only had one slightly interesting ride. Picked up a guy from the "Triangle" about 2:30am, a straggler. Quasi-sober, we exchanged chit-chat for the short 1.3 mile trip. Along the way he asked what I thought about Hawai'i's marijuana laws. I asked if he smoked, about 75% of the folks who live here do, and he responded "occasionally". I told hm that the way the law is written and the way it is enforced are in marked contrast. Possession of any amount is a felony but is usually overlooked for amounts below 1 ounce.
"No its not! You can have up to 5 pounds 0f pot and it is only a misdemeanor. More than 5 pounds is a felony."

Uh, my dear readers, 5 pounds (2.27kg) of pot would about fill two, 40 gallon (150 liters), trash bags, unless it was compressed into a brick. I just let the conversation die there. The BS was running out of his ears. The fare was exactly $8.00.
"Here's the fare. Sorry I can't tip you."

Not unexpected.
"No worries., brudda."

I did a flash count of the bills. A $5 and three $1 bills. Whoops! Check again. The $5 bill had 2 more $5 bills stuck to it (new bills).
"Not a problem. Not a problem at all."

And I drove away.

When Safeway did their recent total remodel they also acquired new shopping carts. This one for toddlers kind of looks like a taxi.

The south parking lot at the "Triangle" is being repaved.

This is one of the dump/spreader trucks being used for the project. Interesting and well done paint scheme.



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