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Thursday, January 03, 2008



Let me start by saying that last night was very good. 4 minutes into the shift I pick up a middle-aged Korean couple from Wailea to Isana. Isana is a traditional Japanese restaurant. Not an Americanized remake. It is probably the most popular of the restaurants we take our Asian guests to. On clearing, I am sent to Kukui Mall, in south-central Kihei. One man going to a Wailea condo. Things are looking GOOD. Then a trans-resort pu-pu. 7:56 PM, I picked up my 4th fare in less than 1 hour. We were headed to OGG.

Back in Wailea just past 9p and snag the return on that trans-resort fare. Actually sat still for almost 15 minutes, nervously twitching my fingers. This is going to be THE night to set personal records. The Fates nibbled on my ear and whispered "sweet nothings". Out the gate again with another Wailea-OGG. (oh, be still my heart)

Cleared OGG and am sent to Lahaina for a return "time" call (reservation) at 11:15 PM, coming back to Wailea. Thats a $85-$90 meter. On scene at 11:00 PM (shush! don't tell the cops, okay?), ready to "Rock'n'Roll". The pick-up location was The Hard Rock Cafe. Parked directly across the street, in one of only 2 legal spaces, from Hard Rock and it looks pretty damn quiet. 11:15 PM comes and goes. I walk over to Hard Rock and only 2 people are in the entire bar. The bartender and the bouncer. (grumble) Checked out Front Street and didn't see a solitary soul, except cabbies cruising. (and we don't have souls. just ask anyone)
(Bitches! You Fates are bitches!)
Wailted until 25 after and gave up. 50 unpaid miles by the time I got back to the south-side. And guess what? They did call about midnight, wondering where their cab was. They had lost track of the time. We gave them the number of the 24/7 cab company on that side. Some driver won the lottery on that one.

I must have touched one of the Fates tender side, I had a surprise OGG at 3:45 AM out of Wailea. Of course, it was just a "kiss" without any "sugar & spice". A family from Delhi, India. Gave me $53 on a $52.70. (sigh)

13 fares / 215 miles / 4th quarter $200 bracket
"Around and around the little ball goes. Where she'll stop? Nobody knows."

Want to see what tonight brings? Just stop back by tomorrow.





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