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Sunday, October 28, 2007



I logged in 4th up in Wailea and was #1 within 5 minutes. Dispatch sends me for a pick-up in lower Kihei, coming in to Wailea. Then advises #27 (TMR) that he is needed at a resort in Wailea in 10 minutes for a "time call". Problem is, #27 is returning from OGG and is still about 5 minutes out of Kihei. At least 15 minutes away. I suggest to dispatch that, unless the passenger load exceeded ONE-NINE's capacity (4), it would make more sense to send me to the resort, I was still in Wailea, and have #27 cover the other fare. I had no idea where the resort fare was headed, probably just a pu-pu run, but common sense dictated that being late for the reservation AND having ONE-NINE and #27 cross paths was impractical. Pulled up to the resort entrance 5 minutes early. 2 of our cabs were already staged for assigned fares and, obviously, there were no other cabs in Wailea. A young couple approach me and want to go to the Four Seasons, next door. The other cabs had just started loading luggage for their trips to OGG. It was going to be close but I took them over. Returned for my assigned run and he was waiting for me. Made the pick-up at 7:31p. Missed it by 1 minute. While putting the cab in gear, extinguishing the interior lights, starting the meter and reaching for the mike, I asked where we were headed to.
"David Pauls."
David Pauls is a 5-STAR restaurant in the center of Lahaina town. $85 dollars away.
"Yes, sir. Kick back and relax, we should be there in about 45 minutes."
During the hours I work, it typically takes about 30 minutes and I was giving myself some "stretch room" in case traffic was heavy. 47 minuets later I dropped him and gave him the 4-1-1 about his return. Which I did, 4 hours later. A "roundtrip"!

Between those 2 trips I was able to get some pu-pu runs in Wailea and Kihei. After my return, things quieted down for about 30 minutes. 2 bar-close and 2 dog-watch fares. One of which took me across the island to Wailuku. A couple of Korean "hostess" bar girls. Enroute, we stopped in Kahului to pick up a third girl, whose "date" was also over. They tipped fairly.

12 fares / 193 miles / 4th quarter $200 bracket

Our beaches in south Mau'i have been pestered by a hammerhead shark all week. Swimming just inches from land in the shore break. The county life guards have closed a 3 mile stretch of beaches most of the week. Friday it washed up on shore, dead.

Its Sunday to my east and Monday to my west. Have a great day everybody! I dispatch from home tonight.





"Let's all be careful out there!"