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Friday, April 21, 2006



The first three hours were steady with "dinner runs" from the hotels and, awhile later, back to the hotels.

Then came the "10 o'clock 'magic' hour" and the switch was turned off. The night began to bore. Maybe a run an hour until "bar close" and that actually started around 1:00am when some of the places began closing for lack of business.

Just two runs during the solo hours.

The nice thing is that, do to some recent changes, my relief checked in at 4:15am. He met me at Minit-Stop, where I was refueling, and took over the phone, We BS'd for about 1/2 hour and then I headed for the barn.

When I did my paper work, I found out that I had a rather decent shift. That's kewl. :)

There wasn't one incident or run that left a lasting impression.
GOOD NEWS: It was a mellow night
BAD NEWS: Not a damn thing to write about

Its a ying/yang thing


I purchased 12.992 US gallons and paid $45.85 or about 90.22 cents per liter (litre). You can check the current currency conversion rate for the US dollar in your country to see the difference in price. Compared to the mainland, we are expensive. To the rest of the world, we are cheap.


I wonder how "cheap" is going to be translated by Babel Fish? maybe I should say that our gas price is vastly lower than the worldwide average.


"Let's all be careful out there!"