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Thursday, October 12, 2006



The heat and humidity were so bad yesterday that I woke up after about three hours of sleep. I, and my bed, was soaking wet. Got up and drank about 1/2 gallon (2 liters) of iced tea. Crawled back into bed at 4:00pm and fell into a very deep sleep. Reawoke at 6:00pm and almost called off due to shear exhaustion. But I need the money. The daughter's birthday is on the 7th and I am going to send her a special gift. Mine is a month from tomorrow. I actually have that night off and will take Judy out to celebrate (make that a DOUBLE iced tea).

Waited around til 7:45pm for my first run, all the way to the Kea Lani ($5.60). There were two airport runs scheduled from The Grand to OGG. One at 8:45pm and the other at 9:00pm. Kimo nailed the first one and just 5 minutes before I would have been dispatched to the second one, the damn phone rang for a pu-pu at the Renaissance. Crazy Brian was next up and started laughing at my misfortune. Then he was dispatched to the Renaissance also, just one minute before the time to assign the second OGG. TMR ended up getting the OGG, where he had just returned from.

The life, and income, of a cabbie is sometimes just pure luck. Finished the shift with a whopping total of $115 on the meter and 11 runs. The few runs I did have were generous in the gratuities, which really helped.

About 3:00am I get a call from Denny's for some people heading to Kahului Harbor. I was told there were 4 people. I pull up and 7 people try to get into my cab. I explain that 4 passengers is my maximum load and I would have to make two trips. They couldn't get it straight that I was serious about the load limit and kept offering me money to take all of them at the same time. After 5 minutes of this BS, I just pulled away and left them standing. I have no idea how they got to the harbor or even if they did. Nor do I really care.

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Blogger/Blogspot was down this morning. The entire system. Kept getting ERROR CODE 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. The bummer about this is that it occurred during the time I try to pre-load all the pictures, etc.

This just wasn't my night at all.


With Halloween rapidly approaching, here are some templates for unique "jack-o-lanterns"

Click on the templates and then print out the larger image. You may have to make the template larger, since Blogger/Blogspot does automatically reduce the size on even the large images.

Print the templates out and then use them to mark your pumpkin for the necessary surgery. There is a left and a right, so you can do two and have your entryway adequately covered.

The first picture gives an idea of what the final result will be.


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