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Thursday, May 31, 2007



Around a quarter past 7p, I am sent to the Kea Lani. One person going to OGG. Now THATS the way to start a shift!

The sun had just set and this was the view, through the Kea Lani lobby, that I was treated to. Usually, its dark and the ocean can't be seen. Isn't that beautiful?

My fare was a lady from Chicago. Most of her trips to Hawai'i are usually business related. This one was strictly pleasure. She is in "up-scale wallcoverings". That translates into expensive wallpaper.

On my return, I picked up a regular headed to work in central Kihei. Then it died for an hour. Moved out of Wailea, into Kihei, at 9:30p and did two more runs. Two hours later, midnight, I had three "flags" out of the "Triangle" in succession and then one run at bar close. Same total of runs as Tuesday but more $$s. Logged 107 miles (172 km). It'll probably be this way for the next two weeks. As I have noted before, our summer season begins to roll about the 15th of June, which falls on a Friday this year.

Mary (#21) was my relief this morning. She was on before 4:00a and I was home before 5a. I didn't have one solitary graveyard run.

As I turned the phone and reservations over to her, I saw this gorgeous "Blue" moon setting over Wailea.
Not professional, but I think I got a good pic, considering the camera I am using. I am getting better with it. I was very good with 35mm SLRs but digital is a wee bit different.

I use a hands free headset for my personal cell phone and the "company" phone. It is called EARGLOVE. Of all the headsets I've tried, this is definitely the most comfortable. Sadly, they don't last very long. Usually a wire will break after 45-60 days and I have to buy a replacement. The only place I have been able to find them is at Radio Shack. My current one bit the dust on Tuesday night, so I stopped to get a new one last night. Simple, right. The CSR that approached me with the dreaded
"May I help you, sir?"
was worse than useless. He had difficulty grasping the fact that I wanted a headset, not a case cover. That, even though I've purchased 5 of these from this very store over the past year, they have NEVER carried that product and it most likely wouldn't work with my phone.
I was so tempted to reach past his neck tendons and grab his windpipe, just to gain his undivided attention but that would just bring on more headaches than I wanted to deal with. With a bit of Irish luck I'll get an OGG tomorrow evening and be able to stop by Wal-Mart, in Kahului, and see what they have. They're open until 11p. If that a no go then I'll try splicing the very tiny wires, by-passing the broken section. Not pretty but functional.

The most popular rental car on the island:
Ford Mustang convertible

Everybody have a fantastic day.

Another set of "purdy pitchures" tomorrow and maybe even an interesting story, rather than the recent drool of drivel.




Glassy Ocean
Garden Island Of Kauai

"Let's all be careful out there!"