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Friday, June 15, 2007




. ~ Wailea Lookout ~
It was an oddball shift.

I logged in 5th up and there were 4 others on runs. 9 freaking cabs! Geez!?
Kept working my way to the top of the queue, listening to the guys in front getting really nice runs. This wasn't going to be half-bad.

The top.

I made it to the top!

"ONE-NINE. You have 2 at the Four-Seasons going to the Kea Lani."
Thats a painful squeeze to the gonads.
Returned to the end of the line. 7th up

After only 3 pupus in the 1st 3 hours and with 7 cabs STILL working, I went home. TMR, he had the phone, called me back out just before midnight. We were finally getting busy.

One small run and then off to the airport. I lucked out and snared 2 couples. That meant that I was getting paid for 2 fares on a single drive.
That's sweet
Made reservations for their return later today. Since both will be before my night starts, I passed them on as "specials" to 2 of my preferred drivers.

On my return, I was sent to the Circle K in Ma'alaea. An MPD request for one male going upcountry to Kula. Thats about a $100 fare! Of course, when I asked him for the deposit up front, he didn't have the funds. Ended up driving him 3/10's of a mile to his truck. $4.10. He gave me a $5 and waited for the change.
"Sorry, friend. I don't carry coins."
Waste my fucking time. Asshole!

Ended the night with an OGG out of Wailea. One half of that fare was going to return but didn't know exactly when she would be doing so. I made arrangements for her to call us 30 minutes prior and we would pick her up. Told Wally (#05), my relief, about it and shur'nuff, she called. I made Wally some good money.

Hardin (#25) had a real "winner" last night. Assigned a "Shops" to the Film Festival at the "Gold". His people were at Longhi's. Longhi's is an open air restaurant, on the ground floor, at the western end of the "Shops". Used to have a beautiful view until the 7-story Wailea Beach Villas were constructed. He's waiting and then a guy stands up, in the restaurant, and yells at Hardin, indicating that he was the fare. Then he sits back down and continues eating his meal. Thats an immediate "dead run". Especially on a very active night.

About 20-minutes later, Hardin is sent for another pickup at the same location. Yup. The same people. They are standing , waiting, fuming. The male half starts giving Hardin a reaming. That lasted about 6 pico-seconds. Then they demanded another cab. There were none and they were able to hear TMR say so, in response, over the radio. MAJOR(!) attitude change suddenly occurs.

And Hardin did take them to watch some "flicks".

9 FARES / 146 miles / high $200 bracket

If you haven't noticed. At the bottom of each post made following a work shift, just above the
separator, is a tiny image of me and, next to it, that shift's ending mileage.

I will accept new entries, modification of entries and re-entries right up to 90,000 miles. Then the "Final Countdown" begins, with no new bets.

Don't forget to include your e-mail addres where it is requested and whether you think it will be AM or PM.
In the event of a tie, the earliest correct entry will be the winner.

You have nothing to lose and you might just win a beautiful calendar. So, come on and place your entry.

Have a great day, everybody.

Until tomorrow,




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"Let's all be careful out there!"