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Thursday, July 20, 2006

B O R I N G ! ! !


It was obvious that we were busy when I logged on last night. I was assigned as first cab up. We had 9 cabs on the road and I was the only one free. Waited about 20 minutes and got a run from The Grand to Joe's Bar & Grill. Joe's, despite it's name, is a fine dining establishment located next to the Wailea Tennis Courts, about 7/10s of a mile from the hotel. The classic definition of a "pu-pu run".

Waited another half hour for a run from The Grand to Sansei, the best sushi bar on the island. A nice $15 trip.

After that my night didn't go downhill, it just dove off the cliff. The next 4 dispatches were all "10-13" (NO show/NO load). Finally, said "fuck it" at 10:00pm and went home for an extended break. It was obvious that I was suffering from bad karma. Everyone else were getting airport runs or long dinner runs and I was chasing ghosts.

Came back out at midnight and snagged two so-so runs between 1:00am and 2:00am. My final bar run was at 2:20am and these two 20-sumptin idiots, from Palo Alto, CA, only had $12 to cover a $14 run. Obviously my ying/yang was still out of balance.

Final run of the night was a freebie that I do 2 mornings a week. Taking my best friend's (Judy) husband (Dave) to work. I log that trip on my sheet (and pay the boss his 60%) but I won't accept money. These folks are "family".

Drove 63 miles and the meter didn't reach $79.

Thank god that the company pays for the gas. Since dayshift left me with 5/8ths of a tank, I refilled just before I called it a night and put $37.20 (10.337 gals) in the tank. The owner netted $16.08 for my efforts. Spent $33 at the grocery store and went home with less in my pocket than I started the night with.




See the difference? MSIE dumps the damn sidebar about 3/4's of the way down the page.

And mine is not the only blog that this occurs on. I have found a couple of dozen others. I even downloaded MSIE-7 and it does the same thing. MSIE doesn't seem to handle more complicated DHTML applications.

Once again, I strongly suggest that everyone dump MSIE and download the latest version of FIREFOX. Just go here to read all about it and do the download. It doesn't cost you a penny. You won't lose your "favorites". It is about 3 generations ahead of the new MSIE-7. It is safer and faster and better than anything that MSIE even has on their "to-do" list for the next couple of years.


To answer some questions.
  • It has stopped hurting
  • I didn't have insurance from the Sheriff's Office. I was covered under my wife's policy from the State, where she worked. The divorce ended that.
  • Taxicab drivers are independent contractors and thus are not eligible for any group plan of medical/dental coverage.
  • Do to a MI (aka: Heart Attack) I had in late 1999, most private carriers either refuse coverage or rate the premiums so high that it would take nearly 50% of what I make each month.

Ain't life just a bitch at times?

Sorry, no pretty pics today.


"Let's all be careful out there!"