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Thursday, July 20, 2006

B O R I N G ! ! !


It was obvious that we were busy when I logged on last night. I was assigned as first cab up. We had 9 cabs on the road and I was the only one free. Waited about 20 minutes and got a run from The Grand to Joe's Bar & Grill. Joe's, despite it's name, is a fine dining establishment located next to the Wailea Tennis Courts, about 7/10s of a mile from the hotel. The classic definition of a "pu-pu run".

Waited another half hour for a run from The Grand to Sansei, the best sushi bar on the island. A nice $15 trip.

After that my night didn't go downhill, it just dove off the cliff. The next 4 dispatches were all "10-13" (NO show/NO load). Finally, said "fuck it" at 10:00pm and went home for an extended break. It was obvious that I was suffering from bad karma. Everyone else were getting airport runs or long dinner runs and I was chasing ghosts.

Came back out at midnight and snagged two so-so runs between 1:00am and 2:00am. My final bar run was at 2:20am and these two 20-sumptin idiots, from Palo Alto, CA, only had $12 to cover a $14 run. Obviously my ying/yang was still out of balance.

Final run of the night was a freebie that I do 2 mornings a week. Taking my best friend's (Judy) husband (Dave) to work. I log that trip on my sheet (and pay the boss his 60%) but I won't accept money. These folks are "family".

Drove 63 miles and the meter didn't reach $79.

Thank god that the company pays for the gas. Since dayshift left me with 5/8ths of a tank, I refilled just before I called it a night and put $37.20 (10.337 gals) in the tank. The owner netted $16.08 for my efforts. Spent $33 at the grocery store and went home with less in my pocket than I started the night with.




See the difference? MSIE dumps the damn sidebar about 3/4's of the way down the page.

And mine is not the only blog that this occurs on. I have found a couple of dozen others. I even downloaded MSIE-7 and it does the same thing. MSIE doesn't seem to handle more complicated DHTML applications.

Once again, I strongly suggest that everyone dump MSIE and download the latest version of FIREFOX. Just go here to read all about it and do the download. It doesn't cost you a penny. You won't lose your "favorites". It is about 3 generations ahead of the new MSIE-7. It is safer and faster and better than anything that MSIE even has on their "to-do" list for the next couple of years.


To answer some questions.
  • It has stopped hurting
  • I didn't have insurance from the Sheriff's Office. I was covered under my wife's policy from the State, where she worked. The divorce ended that.
  • Taxicab drivers are independent contractors and thus are not eligible for any group plan of medical/dental coverage.
  • Do to a MI (aka: Heart Attack) I had in late 1999, most private carriers either refuse coverage or rate the premiums so high that it would take nearly 50% of what I make each month.

Ain't life just a bitch at times?

Sorry, no pretty pics today.


"Let's all be careful out there!"


Tropical Screamer said...

Sorry to read about your tooth and the lousy night.

Hope things are better by the time you read this.


ang said...

Hey wil, removed my first comment 'cos it's early in the morning and it was full of mistakes haha! Just wanted to wish you well with your dental probs and send positive vibes from here to balance your ying-yang!

CharterJames said...

Having the same probs myself with the dental situation. Though I do have a wife with a benefits package, it doesn't include dental. Many do not these days. So I use the NYU dental school to get work done for significant savings. Wonder if there is something similar you could look into?

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