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Sunday, February 25, 2007



And the competition for the $$$s begins at the "Triangle". Dog and Duck had its Grand Opening on Friday. and was packed all of Saturday night. The old Neptunes looks like it will re-open as Ambrosia this coming weekend. Bada Bing's, our New Jersey style Italian restaurant, is going to be hosting Willie K. and Company every Wednesday night.

So, the "Triangle" will be the "hot-spot" for pub crawling.

Bada Bing's
Life's A Beach
Tiki Lounge
Dog and Duck
Sansei, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. While not technically part of the "Triangle" because it is in the FoodLand shopping area, it is just a half block away.

The outlying bars will be:
Tip Ups (formerly Bocalino's) in Azeka Shopping Center. About 1 mile north of the "Triangle"

Henry's in Lipoa Center. Also 1 mile north.

The Sports Page, about 1 mile south

Moose McGillicuddy's/Fred's, about 1.5 miles south.


Mulligans, way down in Wailea.

*** *** ***
Two interesting fare last night. The first was a 47 year old woman who moved to Mau'i last Sunday. Divorced and an "empty-nester", she is being emplyed by a local business firm. She was bored, and scared. She wanted to have a "knosh" and a drink. and get to learn some of the local nightlife.

A nicely aged former "trophy wife", she too had been traded in for a newer model. She kept asking questions about how she was dressed. Was her make-up okay? Was a tank-top and mid-thigh shorts too casual? Are my "boobs" too big? What bar would have people in my age group? Do you want to come home with me later? How much will this cab ride cost? That much!?

I don't know if we took her home or not, because my other interesting fare took me to the Sheraton, in Ka'anapali and I didn't get back to Kihei until 1:15 am.

The owner of Dog and Duck had his sister and brother-in-law arrive on the island about sunset. He immediately brought them to his new Irish pub. Tired, having been traveling all day, they were ready for their hotel when I picked them up at 11:45 pm. A sweet couple, probably early 50's, from the Isle of Jersey, which is part of the Channel Islands, located in the English Channel, between the UK and France. Great conversationalists, they made for a very enjoyable 50 minute ride to the "West Side". They tipped nicely, too.

Obviously, last night was a good one. Lots of people partying. By 2:05 am, everyone, cabbies and fares, had faded into the veil of darkness and the phone never rang again the rest of my shift. There wasn't even any traffic on any of the roads after 3:00 am and the vast majority of the cars, between 2:30 am and 3:00 am, were bartenders, cocktail waitresses and bouncers headed home.

It's the end of my work week. But I might go out for a few hours tonight, since the budget is still very tight this month. I would only work through bar close, at the latest, and probably not that late even. Depends on how long it stays busy.

Won't work on Monday night though. That's my time to spend with Judy, the most enjoyable part of my week.

I'll let you know what happens, tomorrow.

Thanks for coming by.




Na Pali Coast

Miloli'i Beach
Zodiac Raft
Sea Cave

"Let's all be careful out there!"